A Quick Nine: Do you have any superstitions?

By T.J. Auclair, Interactive Producer
Published on

It seems this week's question for our, "A Quick Nine," feature was such a hit with our dedicated Facebook fans, that we had to make a little adjustment.

Trimming the best answers we got down to just nine isn't possible with all the great responses we received to the question: Do you employ any superstitions in your golf game?

Plus, I'm feeling generous. You see, up here in the Northeast, the weather is finally taking a turn for the better and slowly but surely, golf courses are beginning to open for the 2011 season. Because of that, here's, "A Quick 18," to help scratch the itch of the 18 holes I'm dying to play!

Let's see what you offered up (and, by the way, many of you have issues -- we love it!):

1. "My lucky 1881 large US Penny. I use it as a ball marker because it reminds me of my goal to play "18" holes in "81" strokes." -- Walt Shuler

2. "Before I tee off, I'll slap my driver out of my bag and catch it in mid air. If I don't do that, I shank it left or right. But a perfect catch results in a drive." -- Justin Jj Collums

3. "I carry and use my late father's St. Andrews divot repair tool, and carry a Canadian "Loon" as a ball marker." -- Glenn Forsyth

4. "I hit a bucket prior to the round and ALWAYS tee up the last ball and walk away without hitting it. It all started because I wanted a way to recognize all the fallen heroes that fought and died for my freedom and will never hit another ball, to remind myself that it's OK to walk away from the game, and finally that it's not the last shot that matters but the next one. TOTALLY improved my mental game." -- Brian Duffee

5. "I always carry the broken shaft from the first driver I used when I first started playing. The head is on my fireplace mantle in rec room." -- GeorgeDebbie P. DeCota

6. "I mark my golf balls with the initials of whatever girlfriend I have at that time. It reassures me that no matter what I shoot, I'm getting a kiss at the end of the round." -- Justin Mattheis

7. "I pencil my desired score before I tee off. I feel if I have a target and keep thinking about it, I will acheive it. Also keeps my ambitions in check." -- Upen Sachdev

8. "I always fix at least one extra ball mark on each green -- I figure if I am good to the greens they will be good to me and maybe I'll sink a few more putts -- so far so good." -- John Davis

9. "If I hit my first ball in the woods, I call it a day!" -- Carlos Avila

10. "Never wash your ball on a 'water hazard' hole." -- Larry W Lindstrom

11. "I always approach the tee box from behind the markers, never walk through the front of them." -- David White

12. "If I play well in a round, I won't wash my ped socks and will wear the same unwashed pair for the next round." -- Ric Pomeroy

13. "Never say, "good putt," until the ball drops in the hole." -- John Keefer

14. "I never use a ball I made a double with on the next hole. It's either back in the back or out for a swim." -- Holden Crago

15. "Delete my number off her phone." -- Alan Kielan

16. "Little nod to the Gods... and then Grip it n Rip it!!! Just on the first tee." -- Gina Clark-Linna

17. "Lucky ball mark from my commanding general from when i was in Bosnia 11 years ago... BIG RED ONE... HOORAH!!!!" -- Jeremy Mathews

18. "I always make five 3-footers in a row on the practice green before I play. If I don't or I forget, I tend to have a bad putting day." -- Kevin Blue  

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