Eight must-have apps for golf travel

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1. Oanda Currency Converter: For those of you playing golf internationally, don’t forget to download this awesome currency converter. Oanda allows you to choose from 190 currencies and you can even enter in any bank rates that need to be applied. It’s useful when you’re trying on that £90 St. Andrews Links wool sweater and realize it’s actually $138. (Free on iphone/ipad, android and blackberry)

2. Foursquare: Are you the type of traveler who likes eat and drink with the locals? Foursquare lets you read reviews and look at photos of restaurants patronized by previous customers. You’ll also find a list of specials, hot spots and what’s trending in that area. (Free on iphone/ipad, android and blackberry)

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3. Golfshot Golf GPS: If you don’t feel like taking a caddie, check out this awesome app. Golfshot has the exact same features as a range finder and includes 40,000 golf courses worldwide. It uses the GPS in your phone or tablet to measure distances to the green. ($31.99 on iphone/ipad and android)

4. Mint: Most people want to keep track of things happening at home while they’re on the road, especially their financial information. Mint is an app that keeps track of your bank accounts, credit cards and investments all on one page. It also handles budgeting. It’s always nice to see how many single malt whiskeys you drank after each round. Better still, you can keep track of the cost of each wee dram. (Free on iphone/ipad and android)

5. FlightTrack 5: This app is awesome for golfers flying long distances to their destination. FlightTrack 5 gives you terminal and gate numbers, updated flight times, a list of flight amenities and terminal maps. The service even provides a forecast on whether or not your flight is going to be delayed by using historical data. ($9.99 on iphone/ipad, android and blackberry)

6. Packing Pro: You absolutely don’t want to be the guy who shows up to Bandon Dunes or St. Andrews without your windbreaker or umbrella. Packing Pro creates a list of all the things you need to take on your golf trip. ($2.99 on iphone/ipad)

7. Rules of Golf: If you’re a serious competitor, download the R&A's Official Rules of Golf app and make sure none of your fellow travel companions are trying to shave strokes off their score. It has all of the rules plus a quick guide to the most common scenarios. This app is great for trivia games if you have long drives in between courses. (Free on iphone/ipad and android)

8. WhatsApp: This app is for all the guys who need to check in with the family while on a golf trip with their buddies. With WhatsApp you can send video and text messages for free anywhere in the world if you have access to WiFi or 3G connection. ($0.99 on iphone, android and blackberry)

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