Tips for enjoying your round of summer golf in Michigan

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Tips for enjoying your round of summer golf in Michigan

Golf in Michigan is tough to beat — especially in the summer when the weather is perfect, the days are longer than your best drive and courses are in exceptional condition. To make the most of your next golf outing, the following are a few tips that may not impact your score, but will surely maximize your enjoyment.

At your next tee time remember these simple yet effective tips:

  1. Golf near a lake. Choosing a course near water allows for a pleasant breeze, scenic views of Michigan’s beautiful and abundant waterways and perhaps the opportunity to hit the beach after the round for further relaxation. 
  2. Sunscreen. As we all know, sunscreen is extremely important when spending extended periods of time outside in the sunshine. Try not to be shy when it comes to protecting your skin this summer while hitting the links. You want your score in the red…not your skin. 
  3. Play during non-peak hours. Playing a quick round of golf before work means a less crowded course and more time to practice your swing. Playing early morning or later evening – taking advantage of the late sunset – also ensures you’re not playing during the hottest part of the day, saving all of your energy for that wild celebration after your first hole-in-one.
  4. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Incorporating fun golf games like “Wolf” and participating in scrambles with friends can make for an enjoyable, less stressful playing experience. Who knows, your score might end up being as positive as your mood. 

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