Extreme weather in Scotland leads to a beautiful, winter wonderland at St. Andrews

By T.J. Auclair
Published on

A weather phenomenon known as the "Beast of the East" is bearing down on Scotland right now. 
What is the "Beast of the East?" It's basically freezing air from Siberia that has blown into Scotland resulting in bitter cold and snow. The weather system is expected to last through Friday.
Forecasters saw the worst of the weather could bring up to 16 inches of snow with temperatures in the single digits.
While Scotland can be chilly at times -- lots of times -- this extreme weather is uncommon.
But... it is making for some terrific photos at St. Andrews, the Home of Golf.
Check out these photos posted to the Home of Golf Twitter account on Wednesday morning:
In Scotland, they say, "Nae wind and nae rain is nae golf," but this is a bit much.