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Tell us about your first round of golf. Who got you on the course? A parent? A sibling? A buddy? What made it special?

You answered, and we've selected our favorites:

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Karen Pauro: Laughing, because my first round of golf was a disaster. It was a nine-hole ladies league, and the lady who we thought was so sweet for offering to play with us was a rule-crazy person. A par three, I hit sideways into a woody area. She made me keep swinging. I had to leap over a little brook, sank into the mud so my socks were muddy. I tried to escape to my car but my sister-in-law wouldn't let me. I had a 17 and she had a 15. When I hear the name Helen, I shudder. The good news is we persisted and I love, love, love the game. My motto: never give up and play with helpful, not crazy people!

Paul Graham: My Dad on Tri C.C. in western New York. I hit his favorite 3-wood, the head and ball both flew into the lake. We both couldn't believe it and never yelled at me.

Kevin E Wonoski: My dad. We played on a hot summer, mosquito-infested night, on a course that doesn't even exist anymore. I was like 7 or 8. I shot a 69 or a 70. Dad said par was 72. I thought I was good. But 72 was for 18, we played nine.

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Kris E. Wilson: I grew up in a tennis family, but was drawn to golf, and golf courses. Mowed lawns to buy a set of clubs, and played at a par-3 course. During one of my parent's tennis trips, my dad asked me what I wanted to do, and so, he skipped tennis and we played my first 18 at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. He was never a convert, although he would have been awesome, but he loved that I loved golf. Always feel so lucky to have played my first real round with my Dad, made even more special because he stepped out of his game to play mine! Guess what? I still love golf.

Coley Johnson: I bought a $15 used set from a yard sale and went straight to course the next morning. Never watched more than two minutes of golf on TV before and never hit a golf ball. I counted every stroke, I shot 165 on a par 72. I actually won too, the guy I played with had never played before, either. I remember one shot. We let a guy go through and saw him tee the ball up -- we didn't even know you could do that! I hit my next shot straight through the dogleg.

T Allan Ritchey: My dad. He gave me my first set of clubs for my ninth birthday and had me practice 2-3 times a week for a year. On my 10th birthday, he took me to play my first round on a par-3 course and I birdied the first hole I ever played (driver and a one-putt). I sure miss him.

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Jay Lloyd: A friend. It was high school tryouts my senior year. It was free, so I said, "Why not?" I was a baseball player and the golf coach was also our baseball coach. I was the first one to tee off in front of everybody. Hit it 45 degrees to the right and landed in a mulch bed. I yelled a four-letter word. The coach reminded me, "This is not a ball field." Then I put it on the green in two, the coach then had to travel down to the green to tell me "more hits" are not good as he put a 10-stroke cap on the day as I proceeded to put it in the hole for a 12!

Ben Bulot: A friend loaned me a rusty set of ladies clubs that had been sitting in his garage for years. Still had cobwebs on them. We played at a goat ranch. I shot 115 but had a great time!

Charles Nickels: Pouring rain, nine holes with my dad. He only went because I wanted to that day. It rained buckets. Played in rain gear and had a blast. Waited out the bad weather at points in the shelters on the course. Had the place obviously to ourselves. I was 12 and am now 31. I just got off the course playing tonight and I don't talk to my dad anymore.

Brent Ruark: My Pops. How can I just think of one special moment, when the whole time is priceless? The jokes, the pokes, and well, the competition is all very special. Thanks for sharing your passion for the game, Pops. Words cannot ever describe how this game has touched me. But now it's my turn to give the lessons. 

Ryan Sawyer: My father first took me on the course. I've been hooked ever since. He's no longer with us, but every time I tee it, I know he's watching. This game has blessed me in so many ways and I'm forever grateful.

And perhaps the funniest answer:

Brad Davis: Grandpa with wooden leg and his best friend with an oxygen tank. They both had their own electric three-wheel carts and I was in eighth grade. Gramps pulled me out of school to play with him and Fat Bill (just his nickname). Secretly found out my mom and him didn't want me playing football.