A Lesson Learned: Generating Power

By Russ Holden, PGA
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Scott Piercy won the RBC Canadian Open, in large part because of his four-birdie run early in the final round. And that run was punctuated when he drove the green on the 300 yard par 4 fifth hole. Wouldn't it be great if you had that shot in your bag? If you could squeeze out a few extra yards when you really needed it? Driving a short par 4 or reaching a par 5 in two - that will help your score pretty quick!

I've spent much of my adult life out on Tour, as a caddy and now with Caddy For a Cure. I know that even with all of the God-given talents these players have, they are able to use proper technique and mechanics to help them get that added power when necessary. As a PGA Professional, I've been able to translate much of what I've learned from observing and apply that to teaching various parts of the game. In fact, I've been teaching my son the art of the long drive. Considering he (Brandon Holden) finished 19th in the world in his first Long Drive World Finals and 3rd in the recent Keystone Shootout (his best being 407 yards!), I'd say he's picked it up quite well.

So what are the secrets?

Brandon and I work on three main ideas that contribute to his length off the tee, they can certainly help you.

1.) A good launch pad. A good wide stance will give you a firm, solid base to power through your swing.
2.) A good wide arc. This may seem obvious, but also extremely important in this is that you do NOT sacrifice your center by moving off the ball. If you can create an good wide arc and stay centered, you're in position for a long powerful swing.
3.) Start downswing from the ground up. Your arms are the last things to start down towards the ball, with the force of your swing starting in your legs and then rotating your torso, which will bring down the arms.

I can't promise you that you'll be launching 400 yard drives but you will be able, if done correctly, to hit the golf ball further than you ever have. If you ever want to see how the best players in the world can launch their shots, from the best view in the house (inside the ropes and on the player's bag!) - visit us at for more information.  

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