Begin with Get Golf Ready

By Bridget Hughes
Published on

I am compelled to share how much golf has enriched my life – all beginning with Get Golf Ready.

Prior to Get Golf Ready, at 38 years young, my one and only experience with golf was a driving range adventure with my step-mother the previous summer.  I had seen a flyer advertising the Get Golf Ready program at my local gym and decided to participate.

My Get Golf Ready experience occurred at Ridgecrest Golf Club in Nampa, Idaho.  Being extremely new to golf, I was very nervous and apprehensive.  The PGA Professionals leading the class were approachable and put my nerves at ease.  The program offered the perfect blend of golf etiquette and technique basics without becoming over-whelming.  By the end of the 6 week program, I was completely in love with the game of golf!  I was practicing several times a week to implement what I had learned during the program.

In the two years since completing the program, my love for golf has grown.  In the summer of 2013, I joined the Ridgecrest Ladies Golf Association.  I was hesitant to join because I was so new to the game.  However, PGA Professional Tim Bensley, encouraged me to “make the commitment to golf”.   The RLGA is an amazing network of ladies, who welcomed me with open arms.  I established a handicap and played in the first of many tournaments.  I was also elected as an RLGA officer at the end of the season.

At the beginning of the 2014 golf season, my handicap was a 36.  After a season of practicing several times a week, weekly league participation, lessons with Mr. Bensley, and 15 tournaments, my handicap is a 23.  I placed in 12 of the 15 tournaments I participated in, including earning 1st net in the Nampa Amateur with an 87 gross and 63 net on the 2nd day of play.  At the close of the 2014 season, I was elected as President of RLGA for the 2015 Season.  Vacations are now planned to include playing golf – I am that taken with the sport.

Golf has enriched my life greatly.  Along with developing a means of networking professionally, I have found a sport and network of friends I will continue to cultivate for years to come.  All beginning with Get Golf Ready.

If you want to start playing golf in a welcoming, fun atmosphere find a Get Golf Ready program near you!