Get a Grip (on your game)

By By Jack Dillon, author 'High Fives'
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Get a Grip (on your game)

As a young teenager I fell in love with the game of golf.  I read every book, watched every event on TV, and attended as many as possible.  Back then, in the 60’s and 70’s every Tour player had a great grip.  They each had their hands on the golf club in just the right position.  It was amazing to see and a real example for all golfers.  Arnold Palmer, the games’ hero back then, told all that the grip was the most important fundamental.  He told us his dad had positioned his hands on a club as a very young boy, and was told always to keep that same grip.  He did and became a true golfing legend.


  As a new golfer, it is important to seek out a local PGA/LPGA Professional in your area, to begin to get your basics down.  The hands are the only part of us that touch the golf club.  The position of the hands on the club as well as the grip pressure are vital to learning the game.  The Professional will also make sure the grips you use are the right size for your hands.  This is essential to building the proper swing.


  In learning the game, there is so much to retain.  There is so much to practice.  Bonding and working with a PGA/LPGA Professional will not only set you on the proper path early, it will help you develop your game faster, while moving your handicap lower and lower.  Arnold Palmer knows the game better than most.  His devotion to the proper grip can only help you build more fun into your game as you become a local golfing legend.