A Quick Nine: Golf equipment you're excited about adding to your bag

By T.J. Auclair, Interactive Producer
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Next week, the 60th anniversary of the PGA Merchandise Show takes place in Orlando, Fla. It's the biggest golf expo in the world and with all the equipment, gadgets, apparel, accessories and other products you can think of being introduced for the New Year, it's truly a golfer's paradise.

With that in mind, we reached out to our friends in Facebook Nation and asked the following question: What new golf equipment (brand name allowed) are you MOST excited about adding to your bag this year?

As usual, you didn't let us down. We received an incredible number of answers. Here's a look at some of the best.

9. Sunglasses. With the technology behind sunglasses these days -- especially the ones that are golf-specific -- they're no longer an accessory to simply keep the sun out of your eyes.

Facebook fan quote:

"Oakley Radarlock sunglasses!" -- Rob Bankoski

8. A personal touch to your golf bag. This was a sentimental entry, but it was important to include. People out there might be well served to do something similar. Next time you're having a bad day on the course, look at the message on your bag and realize... you're on the golf course.

Facebook fan quote:

"My children's names have been added to my bag... They get to walk with me even when they aren't on the course, which gives me extra strength!" -- Todd Koch

7. New golf shafts. In the age of club-fitting, shafts are extremely important.

Facebook fan quote:

"Trying the Aerotech shafts." -- Danny Anderson

"Lime Green Grafalloy Bimatrx Tour Prototype shaft." -- Brian Fergusson

6. Fairway woods/Hybrids. Over the last several years, hybrids have been replacements for fairway woods and long irons. Still, however, there are a lot of great fairway woods on the market. And, if you haven't tried a hybrid before, now might just be the time.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Callaway X-hot fairway woods. The technology seems more advanced than simply having a trampoline like face as per the rocket ballz. With the insert at the bottom of the club, right behind the face. The ball seems to fly further and higher, therefore carrying longer and softly on the green. Watch out par 5s." -- Sean Alvarez

"Just added a Taylormade r11s 3 wood." -- Patrick N Snodgrass

"Tour Exotic fairway woods." -- Doug Hart

"Callaway hybrid utilities." -- Nicco Faris

"Ping i20 17-degree hybrid." -- James Holyoak

"Adams V4 Hybrids!" -- Eddie Smith

5. GPS/Laser Rangefinder device. No matter what level of player you are, you wouldn't believe the number of strokes you can save with either a GPS system or a Rangefinder. It's amazing and it speeds up play. No need to walk off that yardage anymore.

Facebook fan quote:

"Garmin GPS so I know how far away I am for my missed shot." -- Mike Camus

"Bushnell laser rangefinder." -- Ross Button

4. Putter. This is likely the one club in your bag that most of your shots are going to be hit with. So, why not get fit for the one that's going to help you most?

Facebook fan quotes:

"Scotty Cameron California Series Del Mar putter, I absolutely love it." -- Tom Sorensen

"Any putter that will automatically cure the dreaded three-putt!" -- Daniel K Mick

"Odyssey Vespra #7 white on black putter." -- Jim McKerchar

"Finally getting the Taylormade Ghost Spider Putter... been a long time coming." -- Jim St Pierre

"Just added a new Odyssey DART putter to mine. One word ... CONFIDENCE." -- J Gunny Woods

3. Wedges. Much like your putter, wedges are crucial. Keep those grooves clean.

Facebook fan quotes:

"This season is about scoring... gonna add a nice little set of Vokeys." -- Jacob Bauer

"Still looking to add a steel shafted Nike VR full cavity sand wedge." -- Elgin Fox

"Vokey 60 degree." -- Casey Reed

"Vokey SM4 wedges!" -- Kent Housler

"Vokey SM4 60 black nickel finish." -- Nick Mossige

"Two new wedges and better thoughts around the green." -- Arthur Kelsch

"Vokey limited edition indigo blue wedges." -- Travis Fraser Albin

2. Irons. There are so many beauties to choose from, from so many different manufacturers. Don't be fooled by the way irons look. Go see your local PGA Professional, test out a bunch and find out which set fits your game best.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Titleist irons, my year end bonus money put to good use!" -- Jon McWatters

"Titleist AP2 Irons." -- Dan Lytle

"Ping G20 irons 5 iron-LW. Custom fit." -- Welbon S. Garnett

"Taylormade RBZ irons." -- Paul Bouchie

"Rocketbladez irons, for my birthday next month." -- Brian Staley

"New Adams CB3 irons.' -- Jason Nielson

"Trying to locate my Dad's Ping Eye2 irons circa 1985-86 from the person that bought them from him... my dad passed away and never played a round of golf after he sold these clubs... it would mean more to me to have these clubs than any other piece of golf equipment in the world." -- MJ Thibodeaux

"Cobra irons." -- Bill Cowgill

"New set of Mizuno MP 63s or similar after a thorough fitting session." -- Charles Winn

"Taylor Made irons. Been using the "R" series drivers for 8 years and love them. Time to upgrade my irons." -- Scott Mershon

"Nike combo irons VRS." -- Dustin Vessel Cox

"My new Bridgestone irons." -- Christopher Methven

"Taylormade RBZ tour irons.' -- Shane Nichols

"Making the change to Adams CMB Forged irons (currently using R7 TP irons)! They should be here in about a week! I can't wait!" -- Scott Bacon

"Ping G25's." -- Brian Wetzel

"Callaway X20 irons." -- Steve Segale

1. Driver. As usual, the overwhelming No. 1 choice of Facebook Nation is the big dog. Hit it long and keep it in the short grass!

Facebook fan quotes:

"Titleist 913 driver!" -- Michael Broderick Pga

"Titleist 913 Driver." -- Mark Johnson

"Titleist 913 driver or Ping G25 driver, waiting for the nice weather to test those two out." -- Derek LaVigne

"A Titleist 913 Driver!" -- Michael DeFries

"I'm pretty well set on my set but I would love to add a new Titleist driver to the bag for sure. I think Rory should've stayed with Titleist!" -- Mathew Wukich

"New Taylor Made R1 Driver. Time to let the beast out!" -- Adam Jacobs

"Just added it two days ago. Taylor Made Superfast 2.0 driver. An 'old man' needs all the help he can get." -- Thomas Talbert

"Can't wait to try the Nike VR-S Covert Driver." -- Richard Thibo

"I am putting in the new NIKE Covert driver, 3 and 5 woods along with the hybrid. Looking forward to the 2013 season." -- Tom Cameron

"Nike Covert driver." -- Shawn Newberry

"Can't wait to hit the Cobra AMP Cell!" -- Jordan Gagg

"Cobra AMP Cell Driver/Fairway. I've hit these already and paired with the Fujikura Fuel shaft they are a SERIOUS set of adjustable bombers." -- Paul Giovannoli

"Nike Covert looks like nothing ever released before, I'm definitely eager to try it." -- Jason Newsome

"Nike VRs Covert tour cavity back driver. Rory wouldn't have made the change if this driver wasn't legit. He said he hit it further and added ball speed." -- Sonny Youckton

"New Wilson Staff Driver." -- Rob Ellis

"The new Callaway X-Hot clubs are exactly that HOT Driver could be the best of 2013." -- Brian Perdue

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