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10 Golf Instagram Accounts to Follow

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Whether you are in the mood to blow off work to get out on the course, or you just want to see an amazing trick shot or some new equipment, there is a lot of golf media out there to sift through before you happen upon the best of the best in the game. With that in mind, here is a look at 10 golf instagram accounts you should follow if you want more golf in your daily scroll session. 1) @pgamemes One of the funniest accounts out there. It features everything you could possible want from a golf instagram if you are looking for entertainment from the course or want to laugh at some funny things happening to players on tour. 2) @ZireGolf These guys have some amazing content which will make you laugh each and every day. 3) @usga The USGA's high-quality quick explainers and demonstrations of the rules of golf and general golf etiquette tips are well worth your time to check out and learn something new. 4) @speedgolfrob Do you like your golf tips yelled at you in a thick Irish accent? Then you need to follow speed golf legend SpeedGolfRob, Marooch! 5) @fairwayheritage An ode to the old school. Learn about some of the games most historic courses and players 6) @LinksGems For serious golf fans seeking insights on golf course architecture and amazing course photography, @linksgems provides a look on layouts, design and even historical now-and-then comparisons for high profile holes on tour. 7) @pga The official account of the PGA on Instagram. 8) @pgachampionship Keep up year-round with the PGA Championship and relive its best moments. 9) @imaginarygolfcourses This hidden gem account uses the latest in AI image generation to imagine the infinite possibilities of beautiful golf architecture. 10) @pgatour Last but certainly not least, the official account for the PGA Tour features comprehensive updates on players, courses and everything else on the professional golf tour.