A Quick Nine: Golf means more than a game to me, it means...

By T.J. Auclair, Interactive Producer
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National Golf Day is coming up on April 18 and our friends at WE ARE GOLF have put together something pretty cool in the lead up to the celebration.

WE ARE GOLF has asked, "The entire golf industry -- pro golfers and golf enthusiasts everywhere to tweet why golf is more than just a game for them using the hashtag #iamgolf and the web address The point is to shine a light on the positive impact golf has on America's economic, environmental and social agendas at this important time for us in Washington, D.C."

Well, we at thought this was such a great idea that we should also throw it out to our loyal Facebook friends.

For this week's, 'A Quick Nine,' we asked you to complete the following sentence:

"Golf means more than a game to me -- it means..." #iamgolf

Check out some of the great answers we received below.

9. The banter. I couldn't agree more. There's nothing I love more than being on the course with my dad, brother and brother-in-law while giving each other a hard time.

Facebook fan quote:

"Banter." -- Blair Christie

8. It's hard to explain. Fair enough. Golf has so many great qualities about it that it's often difficult to pinpoint just one.

Facebook fan quote:

"I can't explain it but I know I don't want to be without." -- Anthony Banks

7. An obsession. Eat, drink and sleep golf. Sounds good to me.

Facebook fan quote:

"My obsession." -- David Satchell

6. Setting goals. Whether it's breaking a milestone score, pulling off a difficult shot, limiting your number of putts -- there's always a way to find a small victory in a round of golf.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Obtaining a goal (course record) that many have tried and few have succeeded!" -- James Sealey Jr

"One game you can never master!" -- James Martinez

5. Golf is life. It's a career for some, a passion for most and a ticket to college for a lucky few.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Golf is my life. Trying to go pro." -- Jeremy Wilson

"A career and love." -- Derek Frick

"Hope To go pro later on in life, means everything to me." -- Sam Eazy-e Spooner

"My sport, my life, my game, my love." -- Triston Rodriguez

"My livelihood." -- Casey J Peterson

"It's been everything to me. Went to college on a golf scholarship. Met my wife while working at a golf resort, now children & grandchildren. Most of my close friendships are through golf. So my word is 'everything!'" -- Brian Wetzel

4. A place to relax. Enjoy the surroundings of a peaceful, beautiful golf course and just be happy.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Serenity!" -- Charlene Doucette

"Relaxation, peace and freedom!" -- Michael Owchar

"A calm heart, peace of mind, total compassion and true happiness." -- Bethany McAuley

"A place to feed my soul and find a peaceful solace." -- Michael R. Hamel

"Relaxation, peace, and quietness." -- Morgan Christine DuVall

3. An escape. What's better than a round of golf to get away from the every day grind?

Facebook fan quotes:

"Release." -- Jon Lastrina

"An escape from the daily rat race." -- Calvin Graham

"I'm not at work!" -- Chuck Thompson

"It means... I want to break every club in my bag but it's better than work." -- Tyler Shaw

"Me time. 4 1/2 hours to not think about everyday stresses of life." -- John Davis

2. A place to learn about ourselves and others.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Self drive." -- Blake Stephen Lever

"That I can go onto a golf course and learn a little about myself each time I approach a shot." -- James Boudreau

"Lifelong lessons." -- Shaun Bezilla

1. A few priceless hours to spend with friends and loved ones. If there's one thing you can't beat when it comes to golf, it's the company you share a round with.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Spending quality time with my boys." -- Mary-Alice Vargo

"Spending time with my amazing husband." -- Jennifer Turner Williams

"A fun-filled day with my husband or the girls, whoever I happen to be playing with that day!" -- Margaret Dyer Rasor

"A bonding time with my father." -- Eric-Eddie Adams

"The opportunity to be out with my grandfather." -- Blake Stephen Lever

"Time to let my dad beat me one more time." -- Kyle Cook

"Time with my Dad!!! #priceless." -- Beau Meece

"Time with my wife." -- Rodney Peterson 

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