A Wishlist for Every Golfer

By Jack Dillon
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A Wishlist for Every Golfer

It's the time of year for giving and for finding that special person golfer the perfect gift.

With a long season of golf now in the rearview mirror for many, it's time to look ahead and dream about those future rounds. From one player to another, here is my wishlist for the holidays and beyond:

  1. Find a PGA or LPGA Professional who has the ability to easily communicate with you, breaking down complicated ideas into easy-to-implement swing thoughts, drills and abilities. Together, you will build your best game yet for the new season.
  2. Find real joy on the golf course in your next round. We've all known an angry golfer at one time oranother. Golf is a game to be played, never considered work.
  3. Identify your strengths and play on those to improve your scores. Plan to work hard to build on the things you already do well. Your PGA or LPGA Professoinal can help you take care of the lingering weaknesses one at a time.
  4. Find great people to share the game with. Whether you play with family or friends, golf is a game enjoyed all the more when you play together.
  5. Remember the spirit of the game. Just like the holidays, find your childlike fun. Bring that enthusiasm with you every day to the course in 2016 - and while your at it - bring a kid, too. Show them a game for a lifetime.
  6. That you have the childlike FUN for the game.  That it makes the rest of your life better because you are a golfer.  That you bring a child to the game, the game for a lifetime.

As you dream of golf in the new year, keep the priorities of FUN and joy in place.  The game will taste so much sweeter.

Happy Holidays!

Written by contributing author Jack Dillon of "High Fives"