Greg Norman's belated birthday gift to self: A Batmobile-looking vehicle

By T.J. Auclair
Published on

Greg Norman -- the "Shark" -- celebrated his 63rd birthday on February 10th.
People often wonder: what kind of gift do you get for a man who has everything?
The answer: leave it to the man who has everything to figure out what he needs/wants for himself.
Need proof?
Well, well... Check out the video Norman posted to his Instagram account on Wednesday to show off his belated birthday present to himself, a three-wheeled car from Polaris, called the "Polaris Slingshot."
It looks like the type of vehicle you'd see in a superhero movie -- like a tricked-out Batmobile or something.
As you'll see in the video, Norman even had his new whip customized with a pretty sweet "The Shark" logo on the back.
The base model Slingshot SL starts at $25,499. But, by the looks of things, we're sure Norman's was a lot more than that with all the add ons.