Golf is a Game of Connections

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If you’re a businesswoman, you’ve likely heard of, or experienced first-hand, the proverbial “glass ceiling.”  You’re doing all the right things, and you’ve even exceeded your male counterparts’ performance.  But the fact is, you’ve hit a “ceiling” in terms of advancement and wage earning.

Perhaps you’ve discovered that the head-down, nose-to-the-grindstone work ethic is simply not enough to climb the corporate ladder.  The informal networks that many men have built over the years have proven, time and again, to propel their career aspirations.  Many of these networks are developed and fostered on the golf course.  If you’re not out there, you’re definitely missing out on a critical component of your professional development toolkit.

In so many ways, golf is a game of connections … so don’t wait any longer.  Get out there ASAP and give it a go.  Make the commitment to golf just as you would to any other business appointment on your Outlook Calendar.  And, to ease your entry to the game, the Get Golf Ready program has proven to be an ideal on-ramp.  It’s a fun, social, affordably priced series of five group lessons. 

You don’t even need your own equipment, and you’re guaranteed to get on the golf course, where valuable business contacts are made. 

So, if you’ve hit or are closing in on a “Glass” Ceiling, now is the time to begin experiencing  the “Grass” Ceiling … Golf.  This is one ceiling that can help you get on-par with your male colleagues and expand your network of business connections.  

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