A Quick Nine: What are you asking/hoping for this Holiday season?

By T.J. Auclair, Interactive Producer
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The season of giving is upon us. With all that giving, you're sure to be receiving too. And who are we kidding? It sure is nice to receive, isn't it? It's OK, we're all (Facebook) friends here -- you can admit it.

With the holiday season in full swing, it seemed fitting for this week's, 'A Quick Nine,' feature that we ask our Facebook fans: What golf item are you asking/hoping for this holiday season?
The results? You're all asking for a lot! And, if you get any of it, you're spoiled rotten!
We received loads and loads of feedback and based on the comments, it appears all of you were very, very good this year.
Happy holidays! Here's what you told us you're hoping/asking for: 
1. A new driver. Apparently a lot of people are still looking for more distance, as drivers were the most popular request we saw this week.
Facebook fan quotes:
"Titleist 910 D2 with rip shaft stiff." -- Marco Leoni
"Nike Machspeed Driver!!" -- Ron Garcia
"Titleist 910 driver." -- Jr Samms 
"Titliest 910 d2." -- Austin Speedbump Smith 
2. New irons. Playing with new irons are so much fun. For most of us, irons are the least-changed piece of equipment. Irons don't get changed out nearly as much as drivers, putters and wedges.
Facebook fan quotes:
"I'm wishing for a new set of Taylor-Made irons." -- Calvin Graham
"New Mizuno blades." -- Ben Martinez 
"Already ordered my Burner 2.0 irons." -- Peter Tomlinson 
"The new Nike Pro Combo irons." -- Chris Andres 
3. A golf-related gift certificate. You really can't miss with a gift certificate. It's the perfect gift for someone who loves golf, but you're not sure exactly what it is they need or want.
Facebook fan quotes:
"A gift certificate for a round of golf." -- Sarah Gorospe 
"A gift certificate for a new putter." -- Dorothee Leneutre
4. A new swing. If only it were that easy! But, a slate of lessons with your local PGA Professional will go a long way toward correcting those flaws.
Facebook fan quotes:
"A better swing." -- Elie Salem
"To appear on an upcoming season of "The Haney Project." -- Blaine Meller 
"Consistency." -- Will Johnson
"Lessons!!!!" -- Mari Crispano Meli
"A year's worth of lessons, and a new swing!" -- Jan Lorah 
5. New putter. If you're like me, you have a love-hate relationship with your putter... or putters. I swear, I have a rotation of about five and it still isn't enough. I choose whichever one I'm in the mood for that day. Problem is, whichever putter that is usually isn't in the mood for me.
Facebook fan quotes:
"Scotty Cameron Circa 62." -- Ryan Belcher 
"Anything from Scotty Cameron. New balls and irons can wait until Spring." -- Scott Holcombe
"A Scotty Cameron Del Mar 'heavy' Limited Edition would be great. I'd love to have a black Scotty putter and this is the only one offered to the general public." -- Gary L. Brumley 
"Ontic Golf M-Pulse putter w-tri weight gold." -- Gary Templar 
"Taylor-Made Ghost putter (bit early though as already have it)." -- Luke Stannard
"Odyssey Black Series Tour Design 2-Ball Blade 34" shaft." -- Ernest Craig Thomas 
"A putter that never misses the hole. I'd pay $100k for that Santa." -- Kirk Oguri 
6. New wedges. These are high on my wish list too. While drivers are nice, the truth is, the only way to lower your scores is to improve your short game. Fresh grooves certainly help in this area.
Facebook fan quotes:
"New Titleist Vokey 52 degree wedge." -- Jordan Sosby 
"An 'undented' 60 degree wedge." -- Pam Denning-Levengood 
"Wedge packages with a 54, 56, and 60 degree lofts by both Titleist or Callaway for left-handers; being a left-handed golfer stinks when it comes to equipment. Very limited!" -- Dan Hubbell 
"Titleist Vokey Wedges. 58* and 62* with conforming grooves." -- Dustin Alcorn 
7. A Range finder/GPS. If you've never played with one of these devices, you need to. Not only are they deadly accurate, they also speed up the pace of play. No longer do you have to find sprinkler-heads to guess the yardage. Range finder and GPS devices are as precise as you can find.
Facebook fan quotes:
"Range finder." --Bryan Henson 
"Sky Caddie SGX." -- Mark Hetherington 
"A Callaway UPro would be ideal for me!!" -- Derron Gsabrell Wasp 
"Bushnell laser guided distance finder thingamajig." -- Noel Javate 
"Garmin S1 GPS Watch! I am hoping Santa will have one under the tree for me!" -- Julie King 
8. New golf shoes. We all know that golf buddy who has that horrendous pair of beat up shoes. Today's shoes are so much cooler and so much more comfortable. Hook your golf buddy up, will ya?
Facebook fan quotes:
"I would really love to have a pair of golf shoes that don't hurt my feet and don't cost a fortune! Looking for 6 1/2 wide." -- Shari Estes 
"I need some awesome shoes." -- Howard Artrip 
"TRUE linkswear shoes. I must have these shoes." -- Adam Tychostup 
"A pair of Foot-Joy shoes." -- Christer Stolpen 
"Just a Pair of Foot-Joy Golf Shoes is all! Thanks!" -- Michael Girke 
"A shiny new pair of Foot-Joys please." -- Stewart Charlesworth 
9. Some golf-like weather. Not sure whether or not Santa can control this, but if he can, really, there would be nothing better for those of us bracing for a long, cold winter.
Facebook fan quotes:
"Living in New Hampshire, an early spring is on my wish list!" -- Wayne Robinson 
"Warm weather, sunshine, and good health please." -- Kevin Maiers 
"Good weather... 65 sunny and no wind!" -- Jason White 
"Warm weather (i.e., no snow or rain) and time off from work so I can actually get out & play!!!" -- John Bright