A Quick Nine: I want... for my golf game in 2012

By T.J. Auclair, Interactive Producer
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This holiday season, we've exhausted ourselves -- and you -- by asking what golf-related items you'll be giving and which you're hoping you'll be receiving.

So, it was time to come up with something a little different, and we think we've done that.

Here's the deal, this list is headed to Golf Santa. We asked our Facebook friends to fill in the blank: "I don't want a present under the tree; I want ________ for my golf game in 2012."

The best answers we received are below:

9. A cure for the slice. I'm sure there are many golfers out there who would love a remedy for this problem.

Facebook fan quote:

"No more slice in my driver!" -- Daniel Reedy

8. Find more fairways. Isn't it mind-blowing how much easier the game of golf can be when you're playing your shots from the places you're supposed to be playing shots from?

Facebook fan quote:

"Hit more fairways." -- Paul Anthony Bartlett

7. Hit more greens in regulation. Well, Nos. 7 and 8 pretty much go hand and hand. If you hit more fairways, you're bound to hit more greens, right?

Facebook fan quotes:

"More greens in regulation." -- Bruce Bailey

"To hit 80 percent of greens in regulation." -- Terry Eklund

"To hit more greens and sink more putts." -- Patrick Stansbury

6. Better putting. There's not much in golf more frustrating than playing a great round from tee to green, but struggling with the flat-stick. Here's to everyone making more putts in 2012!

Facebook fan quotes:

"More putts to drop!" -- Dale Smith

"Make more putts." -- Chris Vaughn

"Drop more putts sounds great to me." -- Norman Paquette

5. Breaking a milestone score. This might be one of my favorite aspects of the game. It doesn't matter your age, or ability -- everyone has a number in mind that makes for a successful round. For some people, that's cracking 100, for few it's cracking 70. And there's a bunch in between too.

Facebook fan quotes:

"To break 100 and to play more for 2012." -- Shannon Rabon

"To break 75 on 18 holes. 77 was my low his year." -- Derek LaVigne

"After shooting 80 three times in 2011, I want to finally break 80." -- Brian Glaze

"To break 80 this year." -- Gregory A Beilfuss

"To break 100." -- Nicole Condit Duncan

4. To play more. Whether it's the person playing 75 times per year, or three times a year, they're sure to tell you they don't play enough.

Facebook fan quotes:

"To play more rounds!" -- Philip Maher

"A chance to play more often." -- Chris Mattox

"Time to play!" -- Jim Lockard

"More time on the course and make new friendships." -- Tim Goedeker

3. To become a scratch player. Now that's something.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Get down to scratch." -- Rob Killarney

"Drop handicap to scratch." -- Nick McMullin

"Scratch golf handicap. I don't care who bombs it off the tee, at the end of the hole I want pars or better as my score." -- Mario Chajon

"Become a scratch player." -- Sean Edsall

2. A better short game. If you've heard it once, you've heard it a thousand times -- the majority of shots you hit in a given round are within 100 yards of the hole. Why not get better in that department?

Facebook fan quotes:

"A better short game." -- Richard Cook

"Better chipping." -- Julie King

"A better short game (50 or less yards) and more puts to drop within the 10 to 12 foot range." -- Will Grantham

1. A hole in one. This stroke of genius can make even the world's biggest hacker feel -- momentarily -- like the greatest player in the world.

Facebook fan quotes:

"To get my first hole in one. So close. I hit the flag stick and put it close. I just want to put one away." -- Russell Kuhn

"An ace on the 16th at Billerica CC!! This hole has my number and many of my golf balls in the bog that fronts the green." -- Ken DePasacreta

"A hole in one!" -- Stu Ellert

"My second hole in one to prove it wasn't just luck!" -- Wes Laquerre

"A hole in one would be nice!" -- Barry Somerville 

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