Idaho woman defies odds, makes second albatross of her life

By Dan McDonald
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Idaho woman defies odds, makes second albatross of her life

On the long bucket list of golf accomplishments, the albatross (double eagle) ranks right at the top of moments that most often go unaccomplished. The odds of hitting an albatross are estimated to be about 1-million-to-1 (the odds of an ace are about 13,000-to-1).

The odds of hitting two albatross -- albatri? -- in your lifetime? Astronomical.

According to a report from the Idaho Press-Tribune, Peggy Lynn Hicks beat those odds on the par-5 fourth hole of the Purple Sage Golf Course while playing in the Caldwell High School class of 1977 golf scramble. 

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“I hit a good first shot, and the second shot was going toward the hole, but the chances of it going in were so slim, that you don’t really think it’s going to go in,” Hicks said.
“It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my entire life,” said Kelli Belle to the Press-Tribune. She was one of Hicks’s scramble teammates who witnessed it. “I screamed, I hooted and hollered. All of us got goosebumps.”
Congrats on the achievement, Peggy, and keep on going for the green in two!