A Quick Nine: If you could travel anywhere to play golf, where would it be?

By T.J. Auclair, Interactive Producer
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There's so much to love about our wonderful game of golf. Hands down, one of the neatest things about it though, is how the courses and the style of play can vary through different regions of the world.

For instance, maybe you're playing on a perfect, sunny, windless day in Arizona. You can hit it high and land it soft right by the pin (notice I said, "you can," and not, "I can"). Whereas if you're on the other side of the pond playing in, say, Scotland, you'll most likely have to hit a lot of low, running shots to counter the wind.

With those factors -- and many others -- in mind, we asked Facebook Nation to tell us this week: If you could travel to any one nation for a golf trip (non-U.S.), where would you go and why?

Here's a look at the best of the nearly 200 responses we received:

9. Portugal. Pure beauty. The courses are fantastic and if you're game isn't quite up to par, there's plenty to do.

Facebook fan quote:

"Well since so many have already gone for Scotland, home of golf and the next Ryder cup venue, I am going to go with Portugal. Great weather, beautiful variety of courses and excellent food, especially the fresh caught fish." -- Nicole Condit Duncan

8. Turkey. There's no doubt Turkey is staking its claim in golf. Eight of the world's best golfers were there just last week for an exhibition.

Facebook fan quote:

"Turkey. They have a good mix of different type of courses on a small concentrated area." -- Henrik Garpenrud

7. United Arab Emirates. Now this would be a cool place to play. The pictures, the video and the stories about Dubai have made it a sure bucket-list destination for me.

Facebook fan quotes:

"UAE with all the new courses." -- Stan Reeves

"Dubai. Because the players always brag about how great it is there." -- Louis Permanente

"Jumeirah Golf Estates Dubai... Would love to tackle the deep deep bunkers!!" -- Christopher Nelson

6. Spain. This is one destination I can highly recommend based on experience. You'd be hard-pressed to find anything better than playing golf in Spain; specifically, Andalusia.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Novo Sancti Petri, Spain." -- Andri Páll Ásgeirsson

"Spain." -- Paul Wong

5. Australia. Home to some of the best, most renowned golf courses in the world, you'd have to think Australia would be a slam-dunk great golf trip.

Facebook fan quotes:

"The land down under." -- Mike Emory

"Australia - because our winter is their summer... so in essence, I could play all year round." -- Jane Zelazny Belz

"Australia. It's a beautiful place with lots to see when ur not on the course." -- Jon Kephart

"Gold coast Australia." -- Tommy Higham

4. Japan. From what we here, it sure isn't easy to get a tee time in Japan, but if you're lucky enough to get one, it's sure going to be a treat to play.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Japan, For the sake and the AWESOME golf." -- Edgar Monetathchi

"Japan. My uncle is a pro over there and to play a round of golf in Japan is not at all like here in the states where you and your buddies go out on a lazy day. It's expensive and fairly exclusive. So I'd get to spend time with him and play in that beautiful country!" -- Matthew Nielsen

3. New Zealand. I remember seeing pictures and video one time of a place called Cape Kidnappers. It honestly looked as though it was from another world. Absolutely mind-blowing.

Facebook fan quotes:

"New Zealand!! Love the mountain views!!" -- Tim Horgan

"Been to Scotland... Yes it is amazing but nothing compares to New Zealand... Blew my mind. #CapeKidnappers" -- Matthew Jordan Mues

"Kauri Cliffs - New Zealand." -- Derek Dawson

2. Ireland. Golf, pubs, impossibly beautiful scenery. Does it get any better than that?

Facebook fan quotes:

"I would go to Ireland best links in the world great food and nice people." -- Simon P Russell

"Ireland... Waterford Castle Golf Resort... been there and loved it! Ireland always has cool golf weather." -- Maryann Parks Prine

"I would like to play Royal County Down in Ireland." -- Allen Pack

1. Scotland. Facebook Nation -- overwhelming -- insists that if you could travel to any one nation for a golf trip, the birthplace of golf is it. You're not going to hear any arguments from us.

Facebook fan quotes:

"How could anybody not pick Scotland and St. Andrews?" -- Bob Moran

"Scotland, hands down. The history, the courses, the scenery, the challenge, the timelessness, the food... just kidding about that last one." -- Josh Brooks

"Scotland and to St. Andrew's, specifically. Where it all began." -- Mike Osterbur

"St. Andrews Because the course has so much history, and not to mention it is a beautiful course to play for any handicap golfers." -- Jeff Pascarella Jr

"I played St Andrews back in 1993 when I was deployed to England. I Played alone back then and would really like to play it with someone I love. It would have been so much better, especially walking down the small cobble stone streets." -- Kenny Skeie

"Scotland! I have been once and it was the best!!" -- Dan Singleton  

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