A Quick Nine: If you were invited to play a pro-am, who would your celebrity partner be?

By T.J. Auclair, Interactive Producer
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The PGA Tour visits the breathtaking Monterey Peninsula this week for the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am.

Along with some of the biggest names in golf -- including defending champion Phil Mickelson, who won in Phoenix just last week -- the field is also loaded with A-list celebrities.

It's one of the most unique events on the PGA Tour each year and you just can't beat the setting.

We asked our friends in Facebook Nation the following: If you were invited to play, and could pick any celebrity (sports, entertainment, politics, etc.) to be in your group, who would you pick?

Thanks to hundreds of your responses, here are the top nine answers we received:

9. Charles Barkley. It doesn't matter how many times you see it, watching that smooth, silky swing of Sir Charles just never gets old (yeah, right!). Be sure to wear full body armor.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Charles Barkley." -- Michael Moen

"Charles Barkley. Make my swing look better!" -- Brock Tucker

8. Michael Phelps. The most prolific Olympic champion of all time, Phelps is new to the game. But, that doesn't mean he isn't taking it seriously. He's Hank Haney's latest, "Haney Project," and just recently signed an endorsement deal with PING.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Michael Phelps." -- Petesy Gay

7. Kate Upton. As one reader points out, a round of golf with this drop-dead, gorgeous supermodel means one thing for certain: All eyes wouldn't be on you.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Kate Upton because people certainly wouldn't be watching me play." -- Kerri Gaspie

6. Bill Belichick. The head coach of the New England Patriots; who isn't exactly known for his social skills. I'm the biggest New England Patriots fan there is and would love to play golf with the hooded one. He'd have to talk to you at some point, right?

Facebook fan quotes:

"Bill Belichick." -- Tommy Harris

"Bill Belichick." -- Kyle Guthrie

5. Samuel L. Jackson. One of our generation’s greatest actors, I once read where Jackson has rounds of golf built into his movie contracts. How cool is that? Don't you wish you had a clause like that in the contract for your job?

Facebook fan quotes:

"Samuel L. Jackson." -- Bret Miller

4. George Lopez. The comedian/actor has appeared in numerous pro-am tournaments on the PGA Tour. In a round with Lopez there would never be a dull moment.

Facebook fan quotes:

"George Lopez." -- Ty Aulger

"I would like to play alongside George Lopez." -- Brandon Lee Williams

"George Lopez." -- Cy Henry

3. Justin Timberlake. There's no denying that JT has become a huge favorite of the ladies. While his golf game isn't quite as good as his dancing, it's getting there. Actor, singer, entertainer, good looks, gorgeous wife in Jessica Biel and a solid golf game? This guy's got it all.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Justin Timberlake... swoon." -- Patti Casciano

"Justin Timberlake." -- Terry Van Valkenburg

"Justin Timberlake." -- John Kendrick

2. Clint Eastwood. This five-time Academy Award winner also happens to be a big-time investor at Pebble Beach. Along with local knowledge, who wouldn't want Dirty Harry as their teammate in a money match?

Facebook fan quotes:

"Clint Eastwood." -- Scott Hare

"Clint." -- Al Hill

"Clint Eastwood." -- Jim St Pierre

"Clint Eastwood!" -- Ron Buford

1. Bill Murray. Murray, who famously played greens keeper Carl Spackler in Caddyshack (the best golf movie ever made!), has been a fixture at Pebble Beach for years. His antics -- which include rolling around in bunkers with old ladies -- are loved by the fans. To play golf with Murray? "It's a Cinderella story!"

Facebook fan quotes:

"Bill Murray." -- Stu Ellert

"Bill Murray." -- Chris Wrobel

"Bill Murray no doubt." -- Brennan Leslie

"It's gotta be The Wild Man, Bill Murray!" -- Steve Thomas

"Bill Murray of course." -- Jack Curtin

"Bill Murray... no contest!" -- Amy Rasmussen 

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