Jordan Spieth breaks his driver, will use backup at the Masters

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Jordan Spieth breaks his driver, will use backup at the Masters

This probably counts more as an annoyance than an emergency, but defending Masters champion Jordan Spieth cracked the face of his Titleist 915D2 driver on Wednesday and will have to go with a backup this week.
The broken club was quickly replaced, and Spieth worked into the evening getting used to the new one. He worked so late, in fact, that he was still in his golf clothes when he arrived at the Golf Writers Association of America dinner, where he received the writers' 2015 player of the year award.
Spieth had been using the same driver since late 2014, and it was the one with which he put together his unprecedented 2015 season. He said at the writers' dinner that he likes the new driver better, but it certainly has a lot to live up to.
Back at the 2015 PGA Merchandise Show, Spieth detailed the process he goes through when making a club switch – under normal circumstances, anyway.
"I'm very picky with my driver and my putter," he explained. "They have to look and feel right, so that when I'm in a big tournament and everything is on the line, all I have to do is hit the shot.
"It is rare for me to trust anything right away," he added. "I usually need to hit 2,000 or 3,000 balls" to get comfortable with a new club.
Clearly, he and the new driver are going to have to make friends much more quickly than he would prefer. He is set to tee off at 9:48 AM ET.