Kids take aim, impress during Beat The Pro challenge

By Dan McDonald
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Kids take aim, impress during Beat The Pro challenge

The Beat the Pro challenge at the KLM Open gives us amateurs the chance to step out of our armchair quarterback spot and see if we actually could get closer to the pin than some of the world's best golfers. 

For some, it pushes protracer technology to the limits as it follows a brutal slice or shank

But for others, glory awaits on the 133-yard, par-3 14th hole.

On Thursday, Lauren Hillibrand took on her pro and won herself some free flights on KLM. Today, 8-year-old Tom Hendricks and 11-year-old Mattias Henke took aim at trying to beat the pros and did not disappoint.

First, Henke took on Chris Wood and Max Albertus and nestled his shot close to take down the pros.

Then, Hendricks - reminder that he's 8-years-old - pulled out his driver and gave us some protracer art as he striped his shot. He came up short of beating the pros, but he more than won over the crowd.