Less is More When Learning the Game

By Jack Dillon, Author, 'High Fives'
Published on
Less is More When Learning the Game

While the rules may state we can use 14 clubs to play a round of golf, this can be daunting to beginner golfers. But as a new golfer, you truly don’t need 14 clubs to learn and enjoy this great game.

There is no need to invest in a complete bag of clubs to start; your local PGA/LPGA Professional will be your expert guide to investing in the right gear. He or she will assist you in picking out the clubs needed to master the basics and still play the course with ease.

One of the better choices you can make as a beginner is to find some high quality used equipment for a fraction of the cost of new clubs. Investing in better, used clubs is a far better choice than new clubs of lesser quality. There is plenty of time to buy the latest and the greatest as you gain experience through practice and play.

Golf is a game for a lifetime, and naturally comes with a lifetime investment of time and money. Creating a budget and work with your PGA/LPGA Professional to manage costs. Ultimately, it’s OK to learn the game with less than a complete set. You’ll still have fun, with fewer clubs in the bag and more money in the pocket. Enjoy!