Luke List drew inspiration for Honda Classic from Aussie Rules footballer

By Doug Ferguson
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Luke List drew inspiration for Honda Classic from Aussie Rules footballer

Luke List has been making great strides since his move to California to work with Jamie Mulligan. It was intriguing to hear him after his playoff loss in the Honda Classic talk about full effort on every shot, which is also the outlook of Patrick Cantlay, another Mulligan pupil.
List received some additional help a few weeks ago through his caddie, Matthew Tritton. They were on the range at Riviera, and List felt he was not getting everything out of his rounds. Tritton told him to call Brett Stephens, a former Australian Rules Football player known as "Moose."
"I talked to him for almost an hour on Thursday afternoon at Riviera," List said. "He just said some stuff I like that I wrote in my yardage book and I was flipping through that all week and looking at that, just little reminders. We always work on our golf swings and our short game and our putting but sometimes we forget to work on our mental game."
Among the reminders: "Effort over result."
They traded a few text messages during the Honda Classic. He said Stephens encouraged him to enjoy the competition, and to have fun while doing it.
"I'm trying to get my first win and get in that next level of tournaments," List said. "It just hasn't quite happened yet, but the more I think about it, I feel like the worse I do. So the more I focus on what's in front of me — the effort into the shot ... I did a really good job of that."
He also took time to see some video clips of Moose.
"He's a very fit dude," said List, who cuts an athletic figure himself. "He's got some clients that he brings down to south of Melbourne to run the sand dunes, and if we keep in contact, which I'm sure we will, I'm going to have to go down there and get my butt kicked."