Most expensive golf gear you can buy

By T.J. Auclair
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Most expensive golf gear you can buy

It's happened to all of us. You arrive to the first two for a round of golf with your friends and you notice a piece of equipment they have and you're totally jealous.
Maybe it's a shiny, new driver. Maybe it's the latest and, supposedly, greatest putter on the market. Maybe it's an incredible looking bag.
Well, we're here to tell you that all of those things pale in comparison to what we're about to show you next.
We scoured the internet in an attempt to find the most expensive golf gear you can buy.
And we say "you can buy" loosely. What we should say is, "the most expensive golf gear you can buy if money is no object."
Let's take a look.
1. Golf Bag
Price: $12,500.00
Notes: Can you ever imagine spending $12,500 on a golf bag? What if it rains? What if dust kicks up on it? What if, heaven forbid, a caddie lays it on the ground while you're on the green? There are way too many what-ifs to be owning a $12,500... but if you shop for it now, Aha is offering a 20 percent discount with the coupon code: "WANT20." So maybe that isn't too bad.
Call us crazy, but if we're throwing that much money for a golf bag, we'd much prefer Al Czervik's from CaddyShack that came complete with a TV, a radio and a landline phone. 
2. Irons and Woods
Honma 5-Star Series
Price: $70,200
Notes: OK, so you've got the $12,500 golf bag. Now you need some clubs to put in it. And for that, we direct you to the Honma 5-Star Series. The Honma 5-Star Series sells for a whopping $5,400 per club. For 13 clubs -- we'll get our putter elsewhere in a moment -- that shakes out to $70,200. In other words, the same price tag as a really nice luxury vehicle. So what makes these sticks so special? Honma uses the finest materials -- like 24-karat gold-plating and Pt1000 platinum -- and hand-crafts each club made to order in Japan. If you plan on hitting the plushest fairways in the world with every shot for the rest of your life, these might just be the clubs for you.
3. Golf shafts
Price: Just under $17,000 for a set
Notes: OK, you just threw down over $70,000 for clubs. So what's another $17,000 for shafts?!
Created in Tokyo with an office in Silicon Valley, Seven Dreamers' team of high-skilled craftsman and aerospace engineers have created the world's most expensive golf shafts ($1,200-$120,000). The company's forbearers developed Japan's "Hayabusa" spacecraft, the first and only unmanned vessel to land on an asteroid and return with a surface sample.
Seven Dreamers' inimitable manufacturing process draws on the company’s unique heritage and the finest carbon fiber in the world, making each shaft structurally perfect and free of the resin, broken fiber strands and other imperfections.
4. Putter 
Price: $20,000
Notes: You can't put a price on a great putter. But if you did, that price might be $20,000 (with free shipping!) for the No. 100 of 270 Titleist 1997 Masters Champion Tiger Woods TE I3 putter. The limited run of 270 represents Tiger's 72-hole winning total from 1997, a Masters record that still stands today. If it came with a guarantee that we'd be able to putt like Tiger did in 1997 for the rest of our days, then this would basically be a bargain. 
5. Golf balls 
Price: $74.96/dozen
Notes: You've got your bag and your clubs and now you need some nuggets. For that, we offer you the Dixon Fire Pro Performance golf balls. They register at just $74.96 per dozen, or just a shade under $6.25 per ball. At this point, these are practically a bargain. Here are the features of the Dixon Fire:
- 318 Tour-Precision dimple pattern
- Elastodynamic recyclable cast urethane cover
- Energy intensifying mantle for maximum power
- High-intensity GreenCore with Ignite Technology
- Designed for a professional caliber golfer with a single-digit handicap
- Conforms with USGA and R&A Rules
6. Rangefinder 
Price: $717.78
Notes: Here's what you get from a rangefinder that rings in north of $700... "The Leupold GX-4i Digital Golf Rangefinder offers a rugged alumnium body a vivid OLED dislpay and line-of-site measurement when the standard chrome faceplate is attached. Snap on the included Smart Key faceplate and the GX-4i instantly becomes a coach providing accurate ranging information that matches your personal striking distances to the slope of the shot and current atmospheric conditions even suggesting which club to use." Basically, it does everything but hit the shot for you.
7. Golf shoes
Price: $1,199.99
Notes: These are beautiful, classic golf shoes. Which, in a way, is unfortunate. Seeing as they feature metal spikes, you're pretty much not going to be able to wear these babies anywhere you want to play. Unless, of course, you own the golf course and give yourself permission to do so. Chances are if you can afford everything we've already listed, you might just be in the market to purchase your own course as well.
8. Golf cart 
Price: $73,000
Notes: There are actually places around Hong Kong selling regular -- nothing special -- golf carts for $255,000, because people in those places aren't allowed to drive full-sized vehicles. But that didn't interest us much since this is all about luxury. And luxury is what you get in a Garia cart. These things are beautiful. And with a name like: "Coolest Golf Cart Ever," it had better be cool. Let's check out the features...
The vision was introduced during The Open in 2016. Now the time has come to celebrate the world premiere of Garia Golf Car Inspired by Mercedes-Benz Style. It's a league of its own – now available on a limited edition release.
- 2 seater
- 3 color editions in Black Carbon, Grey or White
- 14-inch aluminum rims, piano black with diamond cut elements
- 50 miles range
- 70 km/h top speed, US limit: 25 mph (LSV max speed due to federal law)
- 200 amp hours/10.24 kWh lithium battery pack
- Garia logo is displayed on the front of the vehicle, steering wheel, seat and rear bumper
- Mansory carbon parts, waterproofed leather, hand crafted
- "Mercedes-Benz Style" label attached to side of the vehicle, the dashboard, the touch screen
- Onboard touchpad: 10.1 inch car style outdoor touch screen
- Bluetooth connection, hands-free streaming
- Speakers installed into the roof and seat interior
- Scoreboard displayed on integrated touch screen device
- Built-in refrigerator
- Dual size cup-holders on both sides
- Tray for storing golf balls and tees
- Hand-stitched 'lounge' seats
- Carbon fiber roof with black leather lining and grab handles
- Street legal in the EU and US (as an LSV)
Here's the grand total if you were to purchase all the offerings on our list: $165,992.73
We ran a quick Google search on "things you can buy for $165,000."
One of the search results provided this return: "If you only have $165,000 then this is the McLaren supercar for you..."
That's cool and all, but is that car going to hit your golf shots?