The part of my golf game that needs the most help is ...

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The part of my golf game that needs the most help is ...

One of the most fascinating -- and frustrating -- things about the game of golf is how it exposes any weaknesses you might have. No matter what part of your game is off, it seems like you're faced with have to hit that particular shot over and over until you eventually do it successfully.

And every golfer seems to have a different weakness. For some, it's getting the ball in play from the get-go. Others struggle with their short games. And then there's putting issues, to boot. Or it can be a different issue on any given round, which is why Bobby Jones' famous quote about golf being played in that "five and an half inches between your ears" seems so appropriate.

So we asked readers on what part of their games they felt they needed the most help, and the responses were what you might expect: pretty much with every aspect of the game.

Here's a collection of our favorite answers from you. You can click here to join the conversation.


Wayward drives are a constant source of frustration for some readers:

Rick Taylor: Getting rid of my horrible slice on almost all clubs.

Juan Pablo Ardila Riviere: Consistency off the tee with my driver.

Matthew Kennett: Driving. No matter what I do I still push to the right, rest of the game is straight or fade.

Matt Lindsay: Definitely consistency off the tee with driver.

Karsten Reitov: Haven't used a driver on course, so guess my problem!

Jim Callender: Snap hook with my driver. Scrambling to save par from the woods is always fun.

Jeffrey Dean: Off the tee. The rest I could live with.



But others struggle to hit woods from the fairway:

Jim-Kim Wachter: I don't even bother carrying fairway woods in my bag!

Andrew A Ruetz: Hitting the 3 wood and 5 wood consistently off the ground.

Eric Lu: Consistency when hitting 3 wood off the deck.

Rich Johnson: Fairway woods.

And then there are those who find irons to be a frustrating adventure:

Tony Vassallo: Hitting more greens with long irons.

Luis Manuel Ontiveros Lara: 5 iron and 4 iron but I use 4 hybrid now.

Jason Marshall: Anything longer than a 7 iron.



Many golfers have the full swing figured out, but it's the finesse shots that are their bugaboos:

Mark Seavenn Dowuona: Only part of my game which need help is my short game, chip and putt.

Tracy Stanley: My short game, irons, I have carpal tunnel and hitting irons hurt my hands, I can't grip them well enough and right now, don't have the funds to regrip all my clubs.

Dan Pink: At the moment chipping and short pitches.

Guillaume Estrade: Shots from 100 yards to 50 yards. It's actually ridiculous.

Dan Perry: Chipping/Pitching. Just can't hit either consistently or crisply.

Derek JJ Whipple: Proximity to the hole with scoring irons.

Michael Delia: Getting the right distance of my wedge shots, on approach shots to the green!

Justin Russell: Pitching and chipping.

Trevor Tuck: 80 yards and in.

Robert Lyons: Chipping/ flop shots.



Once you finally reach the green, then there's flatstick issues:

Stephen Garland: Had the yips now for four years. Gone from not missing from 20 feet to no confidence over a 3 footer! So definitely putting.

Estiaan Roos: Putting. If i could putt, i would be a 4 handicap.

Chris Harmon: Mine would be my putting. There are times I have a hard time reading the greens like I should.

Jordan Thompson: Putting! Avoiding 3 putts and making some down the stretch.

Mick Holtby: Ten to fifteen foot putts.

Amy Daniel: Putting ... ugh!

GOLF TIPS: Don't look away from a missed putt

Not all problems with golf are physical. Some readers wish they could tweak their mental games as well:

Curtis Alan Hatridge: Consistency! There are times I play really well, and yet the next day, the next hole even, can bring on disaster. It seems like there's always that one or two bad holes every round that drive my score up.

Kevin Watson: If I tell you one thing today, it will be another thing tomorrow.

Callum Farman: Keeping focus on my game and making correct decisions.

Ed Lake: Using my brain instead of muscles.

Joseph Herrington: Concentration when playing a slow round

Thankfully, most of us know we'll never solve the mystery that is golf, and have a sense of humor about it. Why stress about it? It's golf!

Gavin Grant: Usually just the bit between the 1st tee and 18th green.

Wesley Thompson: The crying. I need help with my crying!

David Barker: My handicap is fourteen ... clubs and a golf ball.