5 Takeaways from Jena Sims' Instagram Q&A with Two-Time PGA Champion Brooks Koepka

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Brooks Koepka is a two-time PGA Champion and four-time major champion, but he did something on the golf course for the very first time Monday.  Jena Sims & Kopeka answered questions from fans & followers during the practice round, so we pulled 5 things we learned during their Instagram Q&A.  Brooks is pro hoodie on the golf course… “I don’t see any issue with it. Why is everybody complaining? You can wear it off the golf course, it doesn’t matter,” Koepka said with a chuckle.  When Brooks isn’t competing, the couple loves to travel the world to “non-golf destinations.”  Brooks can self-admittedly be a bit of a diva and according to Jena, it's one of the reasons they are a good match together. The answer to what golfer Brooks respect/admires the most was easy… “It’s pretty easy. Anybody under the age of 35 younger — Tiger [Woods] is the only reason we’re playing, so the game needs him, we need him as players and it's fun to watch him as a fan.”  There is only one golfer in the couple. Jena doesn’t golf, but she showed she might have a future in the game with some great commentary and she even showed off some skills by hilariously impersonating Brooks' putter routine. You can see the whole Q&A in the Highlights section of Jena’s Instagram. There’s no doubt these two have a lot of fun together & you can learn more about Brooks in the process. 
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