A Quick Nine: The piece of my golf gear that needs an upgrade is...

By T.J. Auclair, Interactive Producer
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The entire month of April is PGA Free Fitting & Trade-Up Month.

Here's how it works: During PGA Free Fitting & Trade-Up Month in April, PGA Professionals nationwide provide free, 15-minute equipment fitting sessions to help golfers, regardless of skill level, trade in used clubs for new equipment by determining their proper fit.

It's a great opportunity to find the clubs that properly fit your game.

All of this got us thinking -- we know you all love your golf equipment, but, if there were one piece of that equipment you could upgrade, what would it be?

That's the question we threw out to our Facebook friends. We received well over 100 answers and, surprisingly, it wasn't even a piece of golf equipment that you gave us as the No. 1 answer. And, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Here are the top answers you submitted:

9. A new grip... for the ball retriever. This probably shouldn't be on a list of top-9 pieces of golf equipment that you need to upgrade, but it sure was creative. And, if you're wearing out the grip on your golf-ball retriever, why not go see your local PGA Professional for some lessons?

Facebook fan quote:

"Grip on my ball retriever." -- Travis Crow

8. A new set of irons. With all the new technology out there, if you haven't had a new set of irons in some time, maybe it's time to start looking. The newer models are longer and much more forgiving. Go get fit!

Facebook fan quote:

"Irons! I love my old TM 200 Series but it's time to upgrade to the R11s or maybe even RocketBallz!" -- Michael B. Moynahan

7. A new putter grip. OK, this makes a little more sense than a ball-retriever grip, so hopefully it means this person is wearing out the putter grip with all his short-game practice.

Facebook fan quote:

"Putter grip." -- Marc Stevens

6. A new set of wedges. There's nothing quite like a new set of wedges. And if you aren't ready for a new set, how about giving a nice, deep clean on your current set. You won't believe the difference around the greens.

Facebook fan quotes:

"I need a different sand-wedge." -- Brandon Berrett

"Wedges." -- Chuck Reichmuth

5. A new golf bag. There are so many options these days, it's crazy. Every color, every style (cart, walking, stand, etc.), tons of pockets, just a couple of pockets. Whatever it is you're looking for, surely you can find it somewhere.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Golf bag!" -- Keith Cline

"I actually need a new bag. A good carry bag. Double straps, more pockets." -- John Kim

4. New fairway woods or hybrids. Come to think of it, I may need to add these items to my "upgrade" list! So many Tour players today are using hybrids because they say they're easy to hit out of a variety of lies. If a hybrid makes the game easier for the world's best, don't you think it could help you too?

Facebook fan quotes:

"Three-wood, for sure. Just ordered a new 910F with a Stiff Diamana Ahina." -- Tyler Moore

"I need a 3 wood. I love my 5-wood but it doesn't go as far as I need it to." -- Dylan Friddle

"Three-wood and hybrid both are 5 years old! I'll take a G20 15* FW with Aldila RIP Beta S and an I20 19* Hybrid." -- Guy Crawford

3. A new driver. It doesn't matter who you're playing with. One person in your foursome is going to have the driver you want. Drivers are like hot new cars. Let a PGA Professional help you find a new driver that best suits your game.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Driver." -- Albert E Lee Jr

"Just bought a new Taylor-Made driver." -- Louie Dillon

"Driver, still swinging the R7." -- Phil Hathaway

2. A new putter. It's the single-most important club in your bag -- the one you're going to use to hit most of your shots. If there's one club in your bag that's really worth an investment, it's your putter.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Putter." -- Trevor Tuck

"I need a magical putter." -- Lisa Dickinson

"Putter! It's the only club that matters. Think if you could one-putt nine or more greens and how many strokes that would save." -- Dustin Wheeler

1. Your swing, or overall game. OK, technically, this does not fall under the category of, "golf equipment," but it was the biggest response we received this week. And, the good news is, we have your solution. Use the Instructor finder to find a PGA Professional near you. He or she will be able to diagnose your problem and help you to solve it. Furthermore, for those that may not have a swing to fix because you are new to the game, May is "Welcome to Golf" month.  So your new swing could be a significant upgrade of sorts. 

Facebook fan quotes:

"Swing." -- Kevin Myklebust

"Game?" -- Michelle Presley

"Need to upgrade everything from address to impact. Everything else is peachy." -- Justin Homer Cooke

"Game plan prior to teeing off." -- Paul Devereaux

"My swing to allow me to hit this $400 driver properly." -- Rob Fraioli

"My swing. Nothing wrong with my clubs. I just need to practice and play more." -- Neil Swartz

"Whole game. Nothing wrong with any of my clubs." -- Les Page 

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