A Plan to Improve your Golf Game

By Jack Dillon
Published on
A Plan to Improve your Golf Game

With a new Spring comes a brand new golf season.

Whether you are in sunny Florida or northern Ohio, you are thinking about golf, and in particular your game.

As you plan a better course for your game this year I have a suggestion: meet with your PGA or LPGA Golf Professional and plan to improve your game by skillset. Although golf has only one score per hole, there are many different types of shots needed to achieve that score. Whether it's getting to the green or getting the ball in the hole, work with your Professional shot by shot.

Some of the areas you might consider focusing on include driving, metal woods, hybrids, mid-irons, short irons, chipping, pitching and then putting.

Once you assess your game, write out a basic plan of attack. Take this plan and work with your Professional to fine tune it. With the plan in hand, you should begin to schedule lessons, both practice tee and on-course instruction. You might start this plan by emphasizing the weakest parts of your game for extra emphasis and practice time.

So this year, when the sun is shining and the warm days are consistently warm, you will have a plan, a schedule, a goal and a timeline for your best season yet. This can be a sure fire way to reduce the numbers on your card this year, while hitting some of the best shots of your life!

Build it by skillset and those lower scores will come. Beginning the effort from the start with your PGA or LPGA Professional will give you a leg up all season long.

Written by contributing author Jack Dillon of "High Fives"