Playing Lessons Are the Course to Success

By Jack Dillon
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Playing Lessons Are the Course to Success

So, you're practicing and playing a lot, AND you've checked your specs?

Well after you and your PGA or LPGA Professional have tuned what's in the bag, it's time for two lessons:

  1. one on the range, and
  2. the other on the course 

While on the range, your instructor will review the basics: your grip, your set-up and alignment - most likely confirming you're hitting all the right spots. If you are a little off - that's ok! It's so easy to get a little out of kilter with the golf swing.

Now the real fun begins... the playing lesson!

Here your Professional will focus less on the swing and more about how you apply that swing to the golf course. Specifically, he or she might be looking at the shot decisions you are making, looking to find ways for you to save a few shots.

One of the most likely areas your Professional will be able to help best on-course is your short game. This is the area - where without fail - that shots just seem to slip away. Have your Professional look at the short shots, the clubs you use, and your technique. No doubt your short game is the piece where you spend many swings, therefore the savings can be big.

And with that, your mid-summer check-up is complete! It might just make the rest of your golfing year your best yet!