A Quick Nine: 2011 Predictions

By T.J. Auclair, Interactive Producer
Published on

First and foremost, we at need to start things off by wishing all of our Facebook fans a very happy and prosperous New Year!

There are so many exciting things that come with the flip of a calendar from one year to the next. There's the chance of a new beginning, a chance to improve a part of your life and hopefully for all of you, there's a lot more golf to be played!

At the start of every new year for those of us in the golf business, it's also a chance to look forward to predictions - no matter how seemingly obvious, or outlandish.

With that, we've constructed this week's, "A Quick Nine," feature by asking our Facebook fans to: Share with us your top prediction about golf and this year. It can be about your game, your favorite course, your favorite player, etc.

Let's see what you had to offer:

1. Tiger's back. Well, it didn't take long to see many of those responses. With the understanding of his new swing in tow and a 2010 he surely couldn't wait to end in his rearview mirror, many of you believe this is the year Tiger Woods steals the spotlight yet again.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Tiger will ROAR this year. He has his act together and it will show on the greens!" -- Donna Marie Strade-Calder

"I predict Tiger's resurgence!" -- Jason J Dub Woodruff

"Tiger runs the table!!" -- Rod McCoy

"Tiger will dominate this year." -- Austin Speedbump Smith

"Tiger will be back like the Tiger we all know!!" -- Kimmi P.

2. Tiger goes winless again. Yep, the polar opposite of the first prediction, but at least one of you truly believes Tiger won't win in 2011. I think I'd like to make a prediction based on that prediction… but that's not what we're here for.

Facebook fan quotes:

"I predict that Tiger will go another year without a win and at some point in the season he will fire his caddy." -- Brian Raben

3. Play more golf. Hopefully playing more golf in 2011 is just as easy for you to do as it is to say. Is there anything better than being on the golf course on a perfect day?

Facebook fan quotes:

"I'm going to play a lot more golf this year (already started with q round on 1 JAN!!!) and get my handicap index below 5.0 (have 2.7 to go)." -- Darryl Rupp

"My prediction is that I will play more golf in 2011 than I did in 2010. Which would not be difficult since I played about 3 rounds last year." -- Chris Lewis

"I'm determined to get out and play more!" -- Jo Ann Clark

"I plan on playing golf more than I watch on TV. PGA here I come. 2011 is MY year! Whooohoooo!" -- Michael Harmon Sr

4. A first hole-in-one. Hey, it might be bold, but a positive attitude is the best way to make something happen, right?

Facebook fan quotes:

"I will score a hole-in-one on the 17th par 3 on Course No. 2 at Pinehurst in March." -- Denny C Carmel

"I'm gonna get my first ace this year... I CAN FEEL IT!!! Been close a bunch, but nada!" -- Jeremy Mathews

"I get my first Ace during trip to Scotland in June! Since that is a long shot, DJ wins two majors and makes a run at FedExCup." -- Randy Martin

5. An exciting PGA Tour season. Every season holds its share of unlikely storylines that get everyone interested in the game. Here's to hoping 2011 has a lot of them.

Facebook fan quotes:

"This season will have more excitement and drama then the MN Vikings season... hard to top a collapsed roof, but you heard it here first." -- Eric Holen

"David Duval wins a tournament on tour!" -- Chris Turtle Owens

"Jeff Overton -- Player of the Year." -- Joseph Tyler Walski

6. Lower scores for Facebook fans. That's a great prediction! And if it happens, which we're sure it will, it likely means you're playing more golf too.

Facebook fan quotes:

"I plan to get my handicap down to 14!!" -- Nathan Frank Lampard Hudson

"I plan to break 90." -- Donna Sellinger

"Tiger will be number one again!" -- Cameron Harden

"I predict that my golf score will go from the 60's per hole to in the low 50's, that all my PGA golf buddies will do great this year and my hubby gets his golf game back to where it was before we moved to Texas!" -- Barb Jones

7. Major championship predictions. The first official tournament of the PGA Tour season hasn't even teed off yet and we already have major predictions? Love it! Based on your answers, we're in for one heck of a major season.

Facebook fan quotes:

"I predict first time winners in all Major Championships this year..sorry Tiger..and I want to play Whistling Straits.." -- GeorgeDebbie P. DeCota

"Tiger is gonna win majors!!" -- Bobbie van Deijl

"I also predict I'll finally break 90. Graeme McDowell wins another major, AK wins his first. Tiger goes another year without winning a tournament. Rickie Fowler wins the FedEx Cup." -- Dave Morgan

"Ernie Els will win a major. Personally, not only will I break 90 but will also shoot at least one sub 85. Game on!" -- Tebogo Modishane

"Rickie Fowler and Dustin Johnson win a major." -- Michael Doyle

"Jim Furyk to win a major baby. See you all at the Honda Classic and Doral." -- Michael Weiss

"Americans win all the Majors, Tiger gets two of them, Dustin J. gets one, Ricky Fowler also one." -- James Bundy

"Euro sweep in majors." -- Joseph George

8. Find a dream man for... Well, pretty much the most incredible honeymoon imaginable! I'm getting married in 2011 and my fiancée and I are looking at potential honeymoon destinations right now. Maybe I need to suggest we get some advice from this Facebook fan?

Facebook fan quotes:

"To find a man whose dream honeymoon is Pebble Beach, Bandon Dunes or Augusta... Hey a girl can dream can't she??" -- Ann David Dent

9. A special someone gets healthy. This one sounds like a great way to end this week's piece. Hopefully it applies to all of you who have an ailing loved one. In this instance, it's the great Seve Ballesteros, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2008. He's been a miracle survivor since and hopefully he continues to be the magician with his health that he always was on the golf course.

Facebook fan quote:

"Seve Ballesteros gets better!!! At least I hope he does." -- Dan Joyce