A Quick Nine: What are your best match play golf tips?

By T.J. Auclair, Interactive Producer
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This week, the PGA Tour is in Australia for the playing of the Presidents Cup at Royal Melbourne, pitting 12 of the best players from the U.S. against 12 of the best players from the rest of the world (excluding Europe -- as you know, the U.S. and Europe square off every other year in the Ryder Cup).

A match-play competition, the Presidents Cup consists of five sessions over four days: two fourball matches, two foursomes matches and 12 singles on Sunday.

So, we turned to you, our Facebook friends and asked: What's your best match play golf tip?

Here are the best answers we received:

9. Gamesmanship. Of course, there's a fine line between being a gamesman and being unsportsmanlike, as you'll see in these answers. We don't condone all of the responses, but some gave us a chuckle.

Facebook fan quotes:

"A little gamesmanship can go a long way. Just ask your opponent 'So, do you breathe in or out when you swing?'" -- Brad Wuhs

"After you hit your shot, make a point of mentioning any hazards that you were glad to miss with your tee shot." -- Graham Donohoe

"Give your opponent the 3 or 4 footers early in the match, make them putt them late." -- Michael Grau

"I give putts early, and let them suffer over them late!" -- Aaron Duncan

"If your opposition likes to play fast then slow the pace down. Walk behind them and make them wait!" -- Jason Webb

8. Always stay positive. This has got to be the Golden Rule when it comes to match play. You're not out of it until you run out of holes.

Facebook fan quote:

"Always keep your head. Never put any pressure on yourself because you'll end up hitting a bad shot or missing a 2 footer." -- Nathan McCann

7. Don't beat yourself. I guess this is along the same lines as staying positive, but always pay attention to the situation.

Facebook fan quote:

"Make the other guy beat you, don't beat yourself." -- Adam Pladson

6. Remember, this isn't stroke play. No matter how bad you're playing on one particular hole, forget about it and move on to the next one.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Remember: one stroke or 10 strokes... when you lose a hole it's just ONE hole... there's ALWAYS time to come back!" -- Chris Evans-Abbs

"Don't ever give up... you never know when the tide will turn!" -- Rob Fraioli

5. Never leave a putt short. If you leave it short, it has no chance of going in. Give it a good run.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Don't leave 'em short." -- Stu Ellert

"When putting, get the ball to the hole!" -- Jim Lenderman

4. Be aggressive. Again, this is match play. Put some pressure on your opponent by picking your spots to flag hunt.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Be aggressive. Go for it." -- Chad Coogle

"In match play, there is no laying up. The other player will always make it." -- Lynn Morrison

"Being aggressive wins holes, being smart wins the match!" -- Robin Smiciklas

"Go BIG or Go Home. Play for birdie on every hole. While it poses major risk; it also reaps major reward. If one can put a couple birdies together early in the round, an opponent is constantly playing catch up. That only puts an opponent in the frame of mind he doesn't want to be in. Over swinging and over thinking." -- Cole Lieux

3. Relax. With the amount of strategy involved in match play, it's going to be a long day anyway. Don't rush.

Facebook fan quote:

"RELAX! The guys behind you can wait, just like you did on the guys in front of you!" -- Krag Ferris

"Relax, be calm and play your game. Know when to play percentages, and when to play risk, reward." -- Doug Marshall

2. You can only control your own game. Don't be wowed by what your opponent is doing. Focus on yourself.

Facebook fan quote:

"Focus on your game and your shot only. That's the only thing you have control of, no sense in fretting over what your opponents doing." -- Alex Pisano

1. Expect the worst... By that, we mean, expect that your opponent will hit great shots and hole every putt. That way, when it actually happens -- which it often does in match play -- you won't be left stunned.

Facebook fan quote:

"Always expect your opponent to hit a great shot and make every putt." -- Craig Ward

"ALWAYS expect your opponent to make every putt." -- Greg Roberge 

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