A Quick Nine: What is the best golf-themed Mother's Day gift?

By T.J. Auclair, Interactive Producer
Published on

In case you had forgotten, let this serve as a friendly reminder -- Mother's Day is this Sunday. There. No you have no excuses.

Then again, who can forget their Mom? For all of you sons and daughters out there with a mother who loves golf, we asked a simple question for this week's, 'A Quick Nine,' feature: What is the best golf-themed Mother's Day gift?

Hopefully, for those of you who are stumped on what to get Mom, this will lend some help. Also, some mothers weighed in to share what it is they'd like.

Here are the top 9 answers we received:

1. "A meet and greet with The King at Bay Hill!" -- Chris Gentry

2. "Golf lessons from a top 50 teacher!" -- Mary Jo Gray

3. "Sky Caddie or Golf Buddy Bag! Also Callaway sunglass holder with built-in speakers that also holds and plays your iPod. It velcros on to your cart for easy carrying. I have all three items and LOVE them all!" -- Peggie Miller

4. "Best present is just being able to take her for a round." -- Todd Deters

5. "As a mom myself, I'd like a nice brunch with the family, followed by a nice round of golf." -- Morgan Merritt Lowden

6. "My mom has known that I've wanted to be involved in the golf industry, in some form or another, for years. So over the past year, I've done everything in my power to get the chance to go to a college of golf over 1,000 miles away. After a rough last few years, including a motorcycle accident that almost killed me, she gets to see me go to live my dream. I'm not sure, not being a mother myself, but I don't think a mom would ask for anything more than seeing her children be truly happy." -- Benjamin R Jenson

7. "My family is taking me to Ireland for a week we leave on Mothers Day and will play 6 courses in 6 days. Now that's a Mothers day!" -- Renee Sturkie

8. "As a mom and PGA/LPGA Professional, I have to go with playing golf...but would also love a return trip to Pebble Beach or tickets so my husband could join me at the Masters next year!" -- Le Ann Finger

9. "Membership in EWGA a league of golfers for women of all ages that play all over town and then in tournaments with scramble format or stroke play. It's a great way to meet other women golfers and to have lots of fun. Sometimes it's hard to find other women that play so this has been great for me. Also love those pink golf balls or the pretty sparkly ones!!! They are easier to find in the grass!" -- Donna Brewer De Marino