A Quick Nine: What golf gift would you give?

By T.J. Auclair, Interactive Producer
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Based on last week's, 'A Quick Nine,' feature, we know what it is that you want to receive this holiday season on the golf front. Hopefully, your loved ones and Santa took notice as well.

This week, we'd like to put the shoe on the other foot - it is, after all, the season of giving. Here's the question we posed to our Facebook fans: What gift would you give your favorite golfer (can be family, friend or Tour pro)?

Let's see what you had to say:

1. A way to pick up the pace. Everyone gets frustrated by slow play, right? Here's a suggestion to help you play a little faster.

Facebook fan quote:

"I'm getting my golf buddy (my wife) an electric cart... so she can play a little faster!!!" -- Brad Peterson 

2. A variety of gifts for some pros. Many of you, kindly, had well wishes for the best players in the world. There are more to come, but this was a nice start.

Facebook fan quotes:

"I would love to give Christina Kim a big hug and then ask her for a round of golf." -- Alvin LaMarr Forte

"I would give Tommy 'Two Gloves' Gainey his first PGA Tour Victory in 2011 -- any venue would do -- love the home-grown swing and down home attitude." -- Chuck Hilliard

"I'd give Alexi Thompson the LPGA Tour card she more than deserves." -- Marcii Burde 

"I would give Phil the ability to become No. 1." -- Brenda Bonner Manning

3. A golf trip or membership. I must say, I wish I was on the holiday gift list for the first two entries below. That's a trip of a lifetime. 

Facebook fan quotes: 

"Give my son (16) a trip to St. Andrews ... His dream." -- Bruce Olson 

"Well, one week Scotland golf vacation." -- Mina Wüthrichm 

"A week at First Tee, to share with our kids. Great experience for any golfer." -- Jamie Rock 

"I would give my kids memberships at the local course! Green fees for kids that love to play and are getting good become a burden for those that play all the time." -- Anthony Prohask

4. New equipment, tool or gadget. You can't really go wrong here. Nothing makes an adult who loves golf happier than receiving a beautiful, shiny, new golf anything that gives them hope of improving.

Facebook fan quotes:

"I drew my brother for secret Santa. When he's not working he plays golf so I'll be giving him golf-related items. Not sure what yet. Have to head over to Golf Galaxy and see what they have. But Titleist ProV's are always welcome." -- Dawn O'Day Foster 

"I am giving a bunch of Callaway golf balls!" -- John Steinberg

"Callaway Tour balls. PLUS lessons from a pro-a series of them to improve all aspects of the game." -- Jon Stadler 

"Well since my daughter plays golf on her High School Team I would say new clubs, balls or golf shoes." -- Jennifer Keep-Cortright 

"Would give my son some metal woods before he kills someone with those old persimmons!" -- Tom Wells 

"Um, the tour pros already get enough stuff free, they really do not need me to give them a gift.  But i would like to set my kids and parents up with new gear." -- Adam King 

"I'd give most of the people I play with, the gift of lessons to improve their games." -- Howard P. Curtis 

"Found a great deal on a lavender (colored) accented stand bag for my wife, which she's been pining for for the entire season. She can't walk even nine, but hates it when the bag falls over while transferring from the trunk to the cart." -- Charles Williams 

5. The gift of hope… as it relates to one's game. Hey, it's not just equipment and spanking new technology that improves your game.

Facebook fan quotes:

"I would like to give my father a short game! And my brother a better attitude!" -- Evett Pat 

"I would like to give my son, the PGA golf pro, an opportunity to play a round of golf with his family on Christmas Day!" -- Donna Sorrentino Smith 

6. A major championship. Whether it's a win for your favorite player in a specific major championship, or tickets to watch a major (or all four of them), our Facebook fans are feeling awfully generous.

Facebook fan quotes:

"A U.S. Open for Lefty!" -- Alan Larson 

"I have two wishes for my two favorite golfers, Bernhard Langer and Seve Ballesteros. My wish for Mr. Langer is for him to win The Masters once more and for me to be able to be there. My wish for Mr. Ballesteros is for him to keep getting better everyday and one day will be able to come to Georgia for The Masters just to watch, relax, and have fun with all the players. Merry Christmas to Mr.Langer and Mr. Ballesteros and their Families." -- Holly R. Buckles 

"Tickets to all four majors." -- Bryan Hillman 

"I'd give my good friend Billy Mayfair his first major... Congrats on Q School, now get that major we always talked about!" -- Gary Gentile 

7. Health. If only it were as easy to give it as it is to say that one-syllable word. Nevertheless, "health," is on the mind of many of you this holiday season and who could possibly argue with that?

Facebook fan quotes:

"I'd give my friend Eddie a new leg. He's the biggest golf nut I know, and plays year round, even in sub-freezing temps, as long as the course is open. But his leg was badly crushed in a construction accident (he's an iron worker) and they told him it could be 18-24 months before he'll be back to "almost normal." I know not being able to play, even though it's December, is killing him." -- Howard P. Curtis 

"To Fred Couples, I would give a healthy back and four more majors." -- Blaine Meller 

"If I could, I'd give Phil a family full of 100 percent health! No more issues with his health, his wife's, or mom's. God bless them all." -- Larry Vickrey

"A body that works so he could golf again." -- Bonnie Hord Airhart

"I'd wish for my husband's back to get better so he can enjoy golf again, along with the other sports he loves." -- Dana Mullady McKinney

8. Quit you're complaining! Below, Sandy Abbott offers up arguably the greatest gift of all for your favorite golf buddy.

Facebook fan quotes:

"I'd give my husband an eye exam so every time he tees off he doesn't say, 'Did you see where that one went?'" -- Sandy Abbott 

9. Need a caddie? This is the simplest, arguably most special gift of all. How about caddying for your favorite golf buddy. It will cost you nothing, they'll feel like a pro and you'll spend some invaluable time together.

Facebook fan quote:

"I would caddie for them." -- Jake Brown 

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