A Quick Nine: What's your best 2010 memory?

By T.J. Auclair, Interactive Producer
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It's often said that during the course of a round of golf, no matter how good or how bad, there's always that one thing that keeps you coming back. Maybe it's a particular shot you executed to perfection. Maybe it's revenge on that par-5 debacle. Maybe it's the beauty of the course. Or, maybe and hopefully, it's the company you kept for those few hours.
Whatever it is or was, we asked you to tell us for our, 'A Quick Nine,' feature. The question posed for this week's edition to's Facebook fans - What is your best golf memory from 2010? - garnered loads of great responses, as you'll see below.
Thanks to you, we were able to cover the spectrum of funny, happy and sentimental. Can't think of a better combination than that for the holiday season, can you?
Let's take a look at what you told us.
1. Playing lots of golf. Sounds like a New Year's resolution, doesn't it? Well, our friend Cathy here did just that and we should all be envious.
Facebook fan quote:
"I will always remember 2010 as the first time that I got in more than 50 rounds ... in Ohio ... and I am NOT retired." -- Cathy McCartney Happel
2. Reaching a scoring milestone. There are few things more satisfying in the game of golf, which can be maddening more often than not, than breaking a scoring barrier. The feeling is the same for the person breaking 100 for the first time as it is for the person breaking 70 for the first time. It's a major sense of accomplishment.
Facebook fan quotes:
"Sinking birdie putt to reach goal of 70 ... On same hole where I missed a birdie putt 10 days earlier to reach my goal." -- Mike Carlson 
"Breaking 100!" -- Raul Juarez 
"My best memory is that after 29 years of golfing, I finally broke 70. Shot 69 on my last day golfing of the year this past November and my dad was there with me… will never forget it. Love all the other memories too everyone has posted!!!" -- Jim Wagner 
"Backing up a 90-yard shot into the cup on a par 4 for eagle in a tournament, and going on to shoot 66." -- Brennen Berry 
"Breaking par for 18 holes for the first time in 35 years of playing. I'd shot +1 73 a few times, but never even par before. Birdied the last hole for 68 -4 while playing with my son, head pro, and superintendant." -- Dennis Jones 
"Shot my new low of 78 back in May!" -- Scott Casey 
"Working so hard to improve my game, spending hours on the driving range, constant short game drills, strength training, etc and then finally seeing it all pay off by draining a 25 foot put on the 18th hole to break par and shoot 70 for the first time ever. God I love this game." -- Jeremy Sloane 
"Remember that everything is relative when I say my best 2010 golf memory is this: I got 2 pars in one game. They were the 2nd and 3rd pars of my life." -- Beverly Ponczek 
"Broke 80 4 times -- finally have a repeatable swing at age 50 -- first eagle." -- John Barba 
3. A crazy shot. It's pretty safe to say that anybody who has played golf even once has hit a shot that they had absolutely no business executing. Maybe it was the 20-handicapper whose ball was nestled inches away from a tree, who somehow pulled off a miraculous strike to the front of the green a la Phil Mickelson at the Masters earlier this year. No matter the level at which you play, just about everyone has pulled off that one shot that leaves everyone - yourself included - in awe.  
Facebook fan quotes:
"Best memory of the season was pulling a second shot on a 510-yard par 5 over to the woods, it hit a tree right on the side, went back in the direction of the green, bounced hard on the fringe and rolled up 3 feet from the pin which got me my first ever eagle!!" -- Daniel Reedy 
"My best golf memory is of a bad event… hit a house for the first time ever. What kind of idiot builds houses on golf courses anyway??? And before anyone says it: OK, OK, yes it was a horrible shot!" -- Bob Gilbert 
"Flying the green on a 187-yard par 3, with an 8-iron. flag in the front was trying to lay up in front of the green to avoid deep bunkers on each side... I smacked it pure! You know that feeling when your body and the club move as one and you hit the ball so clean you don't even feel it leave the club? I did on that shot." -- Ken Sartor
"After shanking my approach shot, holed out from 120 for birdie. Won the hole and the match outright." -- Corey Forrester 
4. A budding relationship. What's better than your love affair with golf resulting in a new or reinforced love for another person?
Facebook fan quotes:
"Starting a round as a single and ending it as a couple." -- Kate Savage Baird 
"Three-day couples tournament playing Poppy Hills, Spyglass and finishing with Pebble Beach. A dream come true and to play all three days with the best man ever!!!" -- Teresa Miller
5. Enjoying the company of others. We received so much feedback along the lines of spending the day at the course with family and friends. There are few things better.
Facebook fan quotes:
"Meeting other golfers and sharing our stories during the round. Whether I shot in the 90's or 80's, I enjoyed every made and missed shot. Thank god I live in Florida and I can continue golfing throughout the winter." -- Mike Bernard 
"It was my first year as a golf club member, participating in leagues and tournaments. The entire season was filled with making new friends, learning the game and having fun!" -- Dana Mullady McKinney
"A surprise call from buddies last week to play 9. Horrible weather and we were the only ones on the course. It felt like Caddyshack. Horrible scoring round but quite possibly the most fun I have ever had on the course." -- Kevin O'Rourke 
"Playing golf with my son over labor day weekend! Shot the worst game in forever but just being out there with my son was the best! Did I say he lives in Tennessee and I live in Indiana! Best memory of what little bit of golf I got to play!" -- Escar Smith 
"Getting to play with my dad after he was forced to sit out 18 months after loosing his big toe to diabetes.." -- Garron Anglemyer 
"Family gathering priceless." -- John Szuchan 
6. A reason to keep playing. Maybe you need a reminder every now and again as to why golf is so special. It could be that beginner who makes his or her first birdie and feels like one of the world's best players; a victory in a tournament despite a rough start; or introducing a loved one to the game and seeing the delight it brings them.
Facebook fan quotes:
"This year being my second year of playing, I was excited to have reached a par 4's fringe in two shots, and chipped in for my first birdie ever!" -- Rafael Soto 
"No doubt my best memory for 2010 was introducing my step-daughter Dani to the game of golf. Dani has Down Syndrome, but has developed a pretty nice swing and LOVES riding in the golf cart!" -- Mark Boyd (Editor's note: Mark was kind enough to include a picture of Dani loving golf and gave us permission to use it at the top of this story. Go get 'em, Dani!)
"My 11-yr old made his first true par on a regulation par 4 hole. He sunk a long putt while I was tending the pin --I'll never forget his reaction (and mine). I bogeyed -- so it was also the first time he skinned me -- a double memory." -- Chad Pio 
"Going birdie/eagle on my first two holes of the year (the latter my first ever fairway hole-out!) following a long, cold winter break." -- Jamie Ryan 
"No. 1 Favorite -- My son - age 15 finally beat his "old Man" this year posting a 79. Very proud of him after a double, double start to not pack it in and really focus for the next 16 holes. I knew it was only a matter of time till he beat me, just didn't think it would come so soon. No. 2 Favorite -- Getting to play Pebble on a beautiful March day and having one of the rounds of my life - shooting 78 from the tips. 2010 was a great year." -- John Davis 
"I am 15 and I played my first tournament on October 29th this year. I played in the Applebrook G.C. Junior Club Championship. After starting out horribly, I made a comeback on the 8th hole by chipping in for birdie and then on the 9th hole, I got my first hole in one on a 134 yard par 3. Unfortunately, I never saw it go in because of shadows from tall trees blocking out the flag but I knew it was going to be very close. After walking up to the green, I realized that my ball was not on the green and found it sitting in the cup. I was overwhelmed with joy and couldn't believe that I got a hole in one. Then, I went on to win by 1 shooting an 86. Not the best round of my life by any measure but surely the one I will remember for a long time to come." -- Ryan Tetrault 
"I watched my 9 year old daughter par a 63 yard par 3, over 50 yards of water." -- Chris Scarth 
7. A hole-in-one. Kudos to our Facebook friends who scored an ace this season. There were a lot of you and we're jealous. Here are some of the best.
Facebook fan quotes:
"It would be my hole-in-one at Sandia Golf Club in Albuquerque, N.M. Being I fluff a lot of holes and carry a handicap in the 20-plus range, that was an all time feat for me." -- Mike Dossey 
"I have two. Making my first hole-in-one and making my second hole-in-one!" -- Travis Akhtari 
"My hole-in-one at Wrenwoods Golf Course at Charleston AFB, SC!!!! I was able to play about 15 rounds this year, and that's a lot for me." -- Stacy Tompkins
"Playing in the Legends Pro-am at the Willows Golf Resort and had my 1st Hole in One!!! 6 iron, one bounce spun left into the hole. Best moment by far and to do it playing with a pro was a bonus!!!" -- Bradley Fleet 
"First hole-in-one, ball flew directly in the hole." -- Andrew Piehl
"My best golf memory was being there when my 12-year-old son get his ace on Oct 17. 109-yard 7-iron, 2 hops, rolled in. Something he will have forever!" -- Peter Winstanley 
"After 'warming up' in Arizona and playing everyday for a week, I returned to New England for some spring golf. Hole 3 - 206 yrd Par 3 using a 6 iron... I hole out for my first Ace...." -- James LeBlanc 
8. Caddie experience. Not all "golf memories" have to be about you actually playing. For one reader, it had to do with his experience as a caddie.
Facebook fan quotes:
"Great caddie experiences in 2010: forecaddied for Emmit Smith at his new tournament, DeMarcus Ware in the Cowboys Shootout, looped for Scott McCarron and Corey Pavin at the HPBNC Pro-Ams, traveled with Angel Sze to compete in the U.S. Open Qualifier at Broadmoor East in Colorado Springs and Colorado Open in Denver, looped for Nick Geyer at q-school qualifier in Dallas and won the tournament on final day. Best of all, after working as a caddie for 7 years I bought the company, @caddieclubgolf, in Nov." -- Mark Neace 
9. A golf vacation. Just about any trip you go on makes for a lifetime of memories.
Facebook fan quotes:
"Being able to go to Hawaii and playing at Turtle Bay." -- Kristie Wong 
"Having the opportunity to play on the highest golf course in the world in La Paz, Bolivia. At nearly 13,000 feet you would be amazed how far the ball goes… and choosing the right club is difficult. I hit the ball over a lot of greens." -- Rob Noland 
"Waking up to 70 degree blue skies in Bandon, playing Bandon Dunes, Pacific Dunes and Bandon Trails in February!!! We had snow, rain, sleet and wind the year before." -- Jerrod Meireis 
"My dad and I went on a golf trip this summer to Scotland to celebrate my 30th birthday. We played 9 rounds in 7 days, including The Old Course at St. Andrews, Muirfield, and Carnoustie. It was the trip of a lifetime." -- Pete Mohs
"Sleeping overnight in the parking lot to be first ones off Bethpage Black! Awesome... Can't wait to return." -- Graydon Locey 

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