Sergio Garcia sports Masters green jacket at Wimbledon

By Dan McDonald
Published on
Sergio Garcia sports Masters green jacket at Wimbledon

Each year during the Wimbledon Championships, the Royal Box at Centre Court features the who's who of British royalty and famous faces from around the world. And now famous jackets.

Since winning his first career major at the Masters, Sergio Garcia has taken the Green Jacket on quite the world tour -- from the top of the Empire State building to the opening kick of the Real Madrid vs Barcelona match (We assume it hasn't been more than an arms-length away from him since April).

The latest stop on the tour was Sergio sporting the jacket while watching friend and fellow countryman Rafael Nadal's second-round match at the second tennis grand slam event of the year.

There are 272 days remaining until the first round of the 2018 Masters when the green jacket must be returned to its locker at Augusta -- plenty of time to see what other fun adventures Sergio takes it on.