A Quick Nine: Super Bowls and Courses

By T.J. Auclair, Interactive Producer
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Throughout the country there is no bigger sports day than Super Sunday. Luckily, the anticipation is just about over as Super Bowl XLV between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers will kick off in just a few days.

As a result, we asked our Facebook fans a deep question for this week's, 'A Quick Nine,' feature: From a golf perspective, what was the best Super Bowl matchup ever? (Ex: New York vs. New England could be Bethpage vs. The Country Club or San Diego vs. San Francisco could be Torrey Pines vs. Pebble Beach)

There are so many great Super Bowls and golf courses to choose from. Here's a look at what you told us were the best:

1. Super Bowl XLV -- Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Green Bay Packers. Well, it hasn't happened just yet, but people found a couple of nice courses to square off.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Whistling Straits v Oakmont is pretty epic in itself. I went to both in 2010 and it's a toss up for sure." -- Kent Kolemainen

"Whistling vs. Oakmont is pretty sick." -- August Organschi

"I think it may just be next week, Whistling Straits (Green Bay) vs Oakmont (Pittsburgh)." -- John Booth

2. Super Bowl XLIII -- Pittsburgh Steelers def. Arizona Cardinals, 27-23. As is the case every year, the PGA Tour will actually be playing the final round of its Waste Management Open at TPC Scottsdale on Super Bowl Sunday.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Steelers vs. Cardinals (Oakmont vs. TPC Scottsdale)." -- Carson Letot

3. Super Bowl XL -- Pittsburgh Steelers def. Seattle Seahawks, 21-10. Man, the Steelers are getting a lot of love early on here. And Kudos to Bob Makowski for sneaking Oakland Hills in there. Detroit was a Super Bowl venue, which is a good thing since they don't have a Super Bowl team. Sorry, that was too easy.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Seattle vs. Steelers. Sahalee v. Oakmont." -- Ryan C. Pontius

"Super Bowl XL, Pittsburgh (Oakmont) vs Seattle (Sahalee) in Detroit (Oakland Hills)." -- Bob Makowski

4. Super Bowl XXIX -- San Francisco 49ers def. San Diego Chargers, 49-26. In terms of golf courses, you're taking about some serious heavyweights squaring off when it comes to area courses in or around San Francisco and San Diego.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Super Bowl XXIX -- San Francisco (Olympic Club) vs. San Diego (Torrey Pines)." -- Phil Werz

"Super Bowl XXIX -- SF vs. SD -- Harding Park vs. Torrey Pines." -- Jesse McSweeney

"Super Bowl XXIX -- The Olympic Club, SF vs. Torrey Pines, SD." -- Jon M. Cortez

"Torrey vs. Pebble is tough to beat." -- Howard P. Curtis

"Torrey vs. Pebble North vs. South!!! I am bias because I am from California." -- Eric McCance

5. Super Bowl XXV -- New York Giants def. Bills, 20-19. Great Super Bowl, but a bit of a stretch to say Shinnecock is anywhere close to Buffalo. However, Oak Hill in nearby Rochester wouldn't have been a bad nomination.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Giants vs. Bills = Pine Valley vs. Shinnecock." -- Jim Font

6. Super Bowl XXXVIII -- New England Patriots def. Carolina Panthers, 32-29. Fantastic match-up, course-wise here. It's the start of a trend, folks.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Patriots vs Panthers. The Country Club vs. Pinehurst No. 2. Host of the most exciting Ryder Cup of all vs. one of the most famous and prestigious courses in the country. Can't beat that." -- Sammy Wammy Russell

"Pinehurst vs The Country Club, aka Panthers vs. Patriots." -- Nick Richardson

"Superbowl XXXVIII Panthers vs. Patriots (Pinehurst #2 vs. Boston TPC)." -- Jim Allred

"Super Bowl 38 -- (Pats v Panthers) The Country Club vs. Pinehurst." -- Michael Hughes

7. Super Bowl XLII -- New York Giants def. New England Patriots, 17-14. The end result in this game was brutal (yes, I'm a diehard Pats fan, who grew up and still lives 20 minutes from Foxborough, Mass. Still, some solid courses in this discussion.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Well seeing that the Giants play in New Jersey how about Pine Valley versus The Country Club of Brookline." -- Bryan Patterson

"Hands down Giants (Bethpage Black) vs. Patriots (TPC Boston)... Just like the game the Giants (Bethpage Black) wins." -- Greg Bollaro

"Super Bowl XLII Bethpage Black, NYC vs. The Country Club, Brookline Mass." -- Jon M. Cortez

8. Super Bowl XX -- Chicago Bears def. New England Patriots, 46-10. Few places in the country boast better courses than the greater Boston and greater Chicago areas.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Chicago Golf Club (Bears) vs. The Country Club (Patriots). No other matchups need apply." -- Kurt Nolen

"Super Bowl 20. Medinah (Chicago) vs. The Country Club (New England). Not to mention Da Bears won!!" -- Doug Arenberg

"Brookline v. Medinah - Patriots v. Bears." -- Doug Ward

9. Super Bowl XVIII -- Los Angeles Raiders def. Washington Redskins, 38-9. Not one, but two major championship venues in this debate.

Facebook fan quotes:

"XVIII. Washington vs. L.A. -- Congressional v. Riviera." -- Mike McGill