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By T.J. Auclair, Interactive Producer
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In golf, there are many traditions. One of them lives right here on, where every year during Thanksgiving week, we ask our friends in Facebook Nation (click here to join the masses!) to tell us: Golf-wise, what were you most thankful for this year?

Not surprisingly, we received a Thanksgiving dinner table's worth of fantastic answers -- a good thing, because when you think about it, we all have a lot to be thankful for.

Among many things, we're thankful for all of you who love golf as much as we do.

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So, before you pull up those pants with the elastic waistband and dig into that turkey with all the fixins and before that inevitable, post-meal, food-coma on the couch at grandma's, here are the things -- golf-wise -- you were most thankful for in 2013. Hopefully it helps set the tone for a great week!


Editor's note: This week we're going to let you do the talking!

9. "I am thankful I was finally able to break 100. At 66 years of age it feels good." -- Edmund Strange

8. "Playing The Old Course at St. Andrews for the first, and second time in my life. Golfing Bucket List #2 crossed off! (After attending the Masters in 2012.)" -- Mike Hearns

7. "Making my first hole in one. It only took around 24 years but I can now check it off the list." -- David R. Sargent

6. "Having my health and friends to be able to go out at least twice a week for a round! I feel blessed." -- Bob Bransdon

5. "Besides Family and Friends being able to play after having Triple Bypass Surgery 6 months ago." -- William Thore

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4. "Aside from my family and loved ones, I am thankful for another year being employed as a PGA Professional. I will never make a million dollars but I have the best looking office in the world." -- Jim Bennett

3. "Thankful for being part of the First Tee of Phoenix, where I mentor great kids in our nine core values and assist in teaching the golf skills needed to advance through our program. It is the best thing I have been associated with in my 40 years in the game!" -- Ron Luebke

2. "I'm thankful for the love of golf my 8 year old son has. He started full time in the Golf Academy in July, has an amazing coach, and I love watching the game through his eyes!" -- Stefanie McMillin Swartz

1. "I am thankful for many things in the golf world. I am thankful that me and my dad still got a couple rounds in this year even after I moved 350 miles away from home. I'm thankful for this game keeping me humble and teaching me things only a true gamer would understand. I'm thankful for this game making me look at life in a way where you may never know the outcome but if you keep staying positive and keep grinding the outcome will always be good." -- Matt Niskey

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