Tiger Woods has walked more than 10 million yards in his career (about 6,300 miles)

By Daniel Wilco
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Tiger Woods has walked more than 10 million yards in his career (about 6,300 miles)

This will come as a surprise to absolutely no one, but Tiger Woods — one of the most prolific golfers of all time — has played a lot of golf in his career. In a recent story, we discovered that golfers travel the most distance per season of any major sport. So, we wondered, how far has Tiger walked in his professional career?

The answer? Approximately 9.95 million yards, or about 6,300 miles.

Yeah, that’s a lot.

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But it’s actually an estimate on the low side. To get that number, we looked at every official PGA Tour event Tiger has played in his career, took the yardage from the course, and multiplied it by the number of rounds he played. We added an extra 900 yards per round to account for walks from the green to the tee box and to chase down the occasional wayward drive.

This doesn’t account for Ryder Cups or Presidents Cups or charity events, or the thousands of practice rounds and amateur rounds he’s played. But it gives us a good idea.

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Some quick takeaways from the results:

  • Tiger has played 1,215 rounds of PGA Tour golf.
  • He’s averaged almost 430,000 yards per year since 1995 (not counting 2016).
  • His longest year was 1997, when he played 21 official PGA Tour events and walked almost 700,000 yards.

So, exactly how long is 9.95 million yards?

  • At the 2001 Tour Championship at Champions Golf Club in Houston, Tiger holed a putt from 123 feet and 6 inches, the longest of his career. It would take 241,925 of those putts to equal the distance he’s walked in his career.
  • At the 2002 Mercedes Championships at the Plantation Course at the Kapalua Resort in Hawaii, Tiger hit a 498-yard drive on the par-5 18th. That shot is the longest drive in the history of the PGA Tour recorded by ShotLink. It would take 19,999 of those drives.
  • A marathon is 138,435 feet. Tiger has walked the equivalent of more than 215 of them.
  • Woods has walked the equivalent of 4,911,413 Tiger Woods (at 6-feet-1).
  • It’s approximately 2,800 miles from New York to Los Angeles. At over 6,300 miles, Tiger could have gone there and back, and would be about a quarter of the way back to L.A., putting him just outside Bloomington, Indiana (in total, that’s about a 2,076-hour trip, according to Google Maps).
  • If he just kept walking around the Earth's equator, he’d be about a quarter of the way around. The circumference of the Moon is a much more manageable 6,786 miles, of which Tiger has walked about 93 percent. But to get there, he'd need to go 238,900 miles, of which he's only traveled 2.6 percent. We heard there’s some great golf up there, though.