Tiger Woods Masters: Hole-by-hole look at second round

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We'll be following along all day to see how Tiger Woods fares in Round 2 at the Masters,  updating this running blog throughout. He tees off at 1:27 p.m. with Marc Leishman and Tommy Fleetwood.

Woods opened the tournament with a 1-over 73 on Thursday -- his first round at the Masters since 2015.

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Tiger is a four-time Masters champion, which is tied for second all-time, trailing only Jack Nicklaus with a record six.

In Tiger's four wins at the Masters -- 1997, 2001, 2002 and 2005 -- he has opened with rounds of 70, 70, 70 and 74, respectively. Based on that, a fast start is not a must. Remarkably, a 4-under 68 in 2010 is the only sub-70 opening round in Tiger's Masters history.

The second round started with Woods trailing first-round leader Jordan Spieth by seven strokes. But, by the time Woods teed off, he trailed by only four.

How will Tiger make out in Round 2? Let's find out...

No. 1: Going with driver off the first tee, Woods happily finds the center of the fairway.

With only 92 yards left, Tiger flipped a wedge shot too deep and it rolled off the back side of the green, setting up a testy third shot.

Woods caught his chip shot a bit chunky and only got the ball to the fringe. A missed opportunity after a 340-yard drive. Now he has a lot of work left to save par.

Woods misses the 25-footer from the fringe on the right side and taps in for a bogey.

Score today: +1
For the tournament: +2

No. 2: Woods has dominated the par 5s at Augusta National in his career, but managed to only make four pars on Thursday. He's hoping that changes today, beginning on the second.

Tiger's, again with driver, hits a big hook, but the ball hits a tree and bounces back into the fairway. He was forced to lay up -- not a big deal on the par 5.

Tiger gets his third shot safely on the green, but it will be a slick, lengthy putt for birdie.

Tiger's birdie putt slips 5 feet past the hole, but makes the come-backer for par.

Score today: +1
For the tournament: +2

No. 3: With a driver at the 350-yard third, Woods comes up just short of the green.

Tiger's pitch shot rolls out 5 feet from the hole. The birdie try slips by the right edge and it's a par. 

Score today: +1
For the tournament: +2

No. 4: On the difficult par 3, Tiger hit his tee shot way long and just off the fifth tee. He's going to have a difficult second shot coming back.

Tiger hit a very good pitch shot just onto the green, but he's going to have a 15-footer to save par.

Woods confidently drains the par putt -- an all-world save. 

Score today: +1
For the tournament: +2

No. 5: With a 3-wood off the tee, Woods flares it right and into the patrons.

Tiger is having a very difficult time judging the wind and sails the green once again. It looks like he'll have some trouble with some bushes for his third.

It took a few minutes, but Woods found his ball and was forced to take an unplayable lie -- a one-stroke penalty -- and dropped in a cluster of trees onto pine straw. 

With his fourth shot, Woods chipped a 9-iron into a greenside bunker. 

Tiger hit a decent bunker shot and left himself a 5-footer for double bogey. Tiger would make the putt, but it's a crushing double. 

Score today: +3
For the tournament: +4

No. 6: On the downhill, par-3 sixth, Woods again takes a lot of time to survey the wind. And with a tough, back-right, hole location, he goes deep, running through the green.

Tiger executes his delicate chip shot beautifully and knocks down a 3-footer for par. 

Score today: +3
For the tournament: +4

No. 7: It's 3-wood off the tee for Woods at No. 7 and he just catches the second cut on the left.

With his approach, Tiger flies it over the top of the flag and onto the back fringe. The ball tried to roll back onto the green, but got hung up.

Woods elected to chip from just off the green and hit the touchy shot a few feet past the hole, but made the putt coming back to save par. 

Score today: +3
For the tournament: +4

No. 8: Tiger smokes his driver at the uphill, par-5 eighth and the ball rolls just into the second cut. He's going to need to start making something happen on the par 5s. He's even-par for the week on the par 5s that he typically feasts on at Augusta National.

Tiger pulled his second shot. It's up by the green, but it's going to be an awfully tough up and down to make birdie.

Woods takes it up high with his third and hits his best shot of the day. He'll have about 10 feet left for birdie.

Tiger missed on the left edge and tapped in for par.

Score today: +3
For the tournament: +4

No. 9: With a driver on the ninth, Woods splits the middle of the fairway.

Distance control remains an issue for Tiger. He hit his ball to the front of the green at nine, but it spun back off the green and down the hill in the fairway. He was visibly frustrated with the shot.

Tiger's pitch shot from the fairway zips well past the hole and he's going to face a long par try.

What a par save. Tiger knocks down the 20 footer. No damage. That's a front nine of 3-over 39.

Score today: +3
For the tournament: +4

Front nine Friday

No. 10: Tiger's drive is a little bit right and just into the second cut.

Again, using plenty of time to judge what the wind is doing, Tiger finally commits and -- from 183 yards -- hits it onto the green to about 20 feet.

Tiger two-putted for par. 

Score today: +3
For the tournament: +4

No. 11: With his driver off the tee on the par-4 11th, Tiger finds himself in a familiar spot -- well right just like on Thursday... or so it appeared. Woods got a kick from the trees into the second cut and then hit a gorgeous cut shot from 205 yards just past the flag setting up about a 20-footer for birdie.

The birdie try rolls 5 feet past, but Woods makes the par putt.

Score today: +3
For the tournament: +4

No. 12: For the second consecutive day, Tiger finds Rae's Creek with his tee shot on No. 12.

After a drop, Tiger's third shot is a beauty and he should be able to limit the damage with a bogey from 2 feet. 

Score today: +4
For the tournament: +5

No. 13: Tiger put a charge into his driver, but it didn't draw enough and he wound up on the second cut just to the right of the fairway.

Tiger finds the green with his second shot and he'll have a 25-footer for eagle.

Tiger lagged the eagle putt to within a few inches and taps in for his first birdie of the day and his first birdie of the week on a par 5. 

Score today: +3
For the tournament: +4

No. 14: Nice drive for Tiger on the 440-yard par 4, right down the middle of the fairway.

From 139 yards, Woods hits his approach to 25 feet or so and will have a birdie look.

Tiger's birdie putt slid just past the left edge of the cup and he tapped in for par.

Score today: +3
For the tournament: +4

No. 15: Tiger finds the left side of the 15th fairway, but trees could be an issue if he's hoping to get his second shot on the par 5 close.

From 196 yards out, Woods hits a big hook onto the back fringe. Nice shot. He'll have a long look at eagle.

It's a well-judged lag putt for Tiger. He cozies it up to about 2 1/2 feet and taps in for his second birdie of the day. After going 0-for-6 converting birdies on par 5s in Round 1 and half of Round 2, Woods is now 2-for-2.

Score today: +2
For the tournament: +3

No. 16: Tiger's tee shot on 16 is OK, rolling just off the back of the green. He'll be able to putt from there.

Woods just missed his birdie try, but with the severe slope in the green, the ball rolled out about 10 feet. 

Woods missed the par try on the right edge and makes bogey, giving back the birdie he made moments ago on No. 15.

Score today: +3
For the tournament: +4

No. 17: Tiger rips his drive up the left side of the fairway just into the second cut. He'll have a good look at the flag with his second shot.

From 138 yards away, Tiger hits one of his better approach shots on the day and will have about a 12 footer for birdie.

It's another missed opportunity. Woods slides it by the right side of the cup and settles for par.

Score today: +3
For the tournament: +4

No. 18: Tiger hits 3-wood from the tee center cut.

Tiger's approach from 162 yards out settles about 15 feet from the hole. He'll have a good look at birdie to close out the round.

Tiger's birdie try misses and he taps in for par and a round of 3-over 75. He'll enter the weekend at 4-over 148.

Score today: +3
For the tournament: +4

Back nine Friday


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