Tiger Woods says this is the 'greatest feeling shot' of his life

By Dan McDonald
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Tiger Woods says this is the 'greatest feeling shot' of his life

Tiger Woods has played in more than 400 tournaments in his career and hit well over 70,000 shots in those events. 

Is it even possible to have just one stand out among the rest? His Masters moments alone are its own highlight reel.

But according to an interview with CNN's Living Golf before the Dubai Desert Classic in 2017, there is one that he feels is better than the rest -- a 3-iron from the bunker during the second round of the 2002 PGA Championship.

"That was the greatest feeling shot I've ever hit in my life," Woods told CNN. "The wind was blowing about 25-30 mph off the left. The lip was in front of me, trees were in front of me, [I had a] downhill lie and somehow I hit it -- I don't know how I hit it that solid, that clean, that flush and drew it up against the wind and held it, landed about 20ft away."

Check out the shot here:

Tiger went on to place second in the 2002 PGA Championship, finishing one stroke behind Rich Beem.

You can check out the full episode of CNN's Living Golf feature on Tiger Woods here.

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