We attended the PGA Fashion & Demo Experience in Las Vegas. Here were the highlights.

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We attended the PGA Fashion & Demo Experience in Las Vegas. Here were the highlights.

LAS VEGAS – The golf world continues to find new ways to advance its technology for clubs, equipment and other related gear, and all of this was on display at the 2018 PGA Fashion & Demo Experience on Monday night. We attended the event to check out the newest clubs, accessories and equipment that is available for purchase.

Here are some of the highlights.

The Topgolf venue

Who doesn't love to spend a few hours at Topgolf on a beautiful summer night? Well, it gets even better when the Las Vegas strip is in the distance, lit up at night. This was a great venue for golf die-hards or even casual golf fans.

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human touch NOVO XT2

This full body, zero-gravity massage chair, which is endorsed by Retief Goosen, has programmed cycles that extend for as long as 30 minutes -- but we wish there was an even longer option. We sat in the chair for roughly 10 minutes and felt as relaxed as we have in a while. When we said full body, we literally meant fully body. Your calves experience compression, as do your hands, shoulders, neck and everywhere in between. The built-in speaker allows you to listen to nature sounds and the companion app allows you to control the chair from your phone.

The Puttskee

The Puttskee and its recently unveiled companion, The ShuffleGolf Table, which made its debut on Monday, could quickly become your favorite putting games. Both games take a classic bar or arcade game – skeeball and shuffleboard – and incorporate putting.

The Puttskee is more challenging than it looks, adding a fun vertical element to putting, while The ShuffleGolf Table allows for a lot of creativity in which shooting motion you use to send the golf ball down the turf surface on the table.

AfterShokz headphones

We were blown away by how light the AfterShokz headphones are on your head, which is critical on the course. They fit great around the back of your head and around your ears, and the open-ear design allows you to be aware of your surroundings in case an errant drive causes someone to yell "Fore!" Its six-hour battery life is enough to last you a round, plus some time on the driving range or practice green before or after a round.

Fat Tire Golf Scooter

Pace of play will never be an issue will the Fat Tire golf scooter. At just 170 pounds, it's much lighter than the average golf cart (meaning reduced wear on the golf course) but it still has all the must-have amenities like a heavy-duty bag holder, cooler, sand bottle and a platform for your scorecard and pencil.

EZeeGolf Power Driver

It's great whenever a product can help golf reach a broader audience and that's exactly what the EZeeGolf Power Driver does with its swing-free technology, making it easier for physically limited golfers to play. All it takes to use is loading a power strip, setting the desired distance with the range-setter, angling the club and then pressing the trigger to hit the ball. See it in action in the video above.

Hat Saver Sweat & Water Repellent

All it takes is one spray with Hat Saver to protect your hat from sweat stains for the lifetime of your hat. Almost everyone has had an experience in the past with one of their favorite hats, likely one that's a dark color, being overtaken by sweat stains after countless rounds of golf. Here's your solution.

Total Putting Analysis with the GCQuad

You could have a friend, caddie or coach watch your putting stroke to see how you can improve your short game, or you could have four different cameras analyze your putting with the GCQuad from Foresight Sports. It's the world's first quadroscopic launch monitor, which can track every aspect of your game but added a putting analysis feature in the last year. It has USB and Ethernet ports, as well as WiFi capabilities, for you to download your swing data.

It's used by the likes of Rickie Fowler, Bryson DeChambeau and Butch Harmon.