Wednesday: Products you should know at the 2015 PGA Fashion & Demo Experience

By By Ken Van Vechten
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Wednesday: Products you should know at the 2015 PGA Fashion & Demo Experience

LAS VEGAS – A wise person once said, "It is better to look good than to feel good." While that could be a second mantra for the Vegas marketing folks, as the years tick by and the late nights start catching up, we might pause on that for a moment. But a tough morning start does go away, and if you're not sporting the threads, then you're not sporting the threads, and no matter how well everything else might be going, you don't look the part. 
So take heed, and give a moment of thought to what you're wearing to the course this weekend. Here on the last day of 2015 PGA Fashion & Demo Experience, duds took center stage, even literally in the case of Tuesday evening's Swingdish-presented Live Fashion Show.
ICY HOT: Don't just take our word for it. Brooke Henderson wears Sunice and she just scored a win on the LPGA Tour, and she's just 17. Both prodigy and product are Canadian, so maybe there's something in that maple syrup. 
A full-line maker of golf apparel, Sunice is best known for its outerwear – rain, wind and thermal gear with multiple fabric options. A real standout for the coming year on the guy's side of the ledger is the Jay 2.5, a soft, quiet, breathable, flexible – no one wants to try to swing a club in one of those crunchy yellow slickers – jacket that will stand up to the worst nature can toss down for hours on end.
JERRY KELLY, FASHIONISTA: Touting Fusion54 proprietary technologies to handle whatever conditions players face – DryFUZE, for instance, in the cool/wicking category – Chase 54 men's and women's golfwear lives out that premise that clothing needs to be fashionable and comfortable, or we probably won't put it on so it can be functional. The company works closely with PGA Tour good guy Jerry Kelly in product selection, development and testing.
FATHER (AND MOTHER) KNOWS BEST: Tired of shelling out big bucks every time their active kids shot up another notch, an Albuquerque couple decided to take matters, and materials, into their own hands. The result is Chip Shot Golf, with shirts, shirt dresses and hats for kids up to about age 13 – XL kid size – that price in very, very reasonably. The logo is a boy or girl swinging a club and the color options look to run a good way across the Pantone wheel.
COLOR OUR WORLD SOME MORE: Perusing the spectrum of 2016 Antigua activewear and performancewear, it's obvious that neon is passé and primary is in, and it's a good look. Bold, assertive, shall we say real colors – reds and blues and greens and yellows. There might even be a fuchsia in there, and it's a fuchsia we'll gladly sport to the course because, you see, it's a real color. Vibrant works.
MIAMI NICE: Born on the beaches of South Florida, BloqUV serves up a multi-sport line of skin-saving wear for men and women. BloqUV gear is woven of sun-shielding materials rather than being chemically treated, and is said to be 98 percent efficient in blocking the bad stuff hitting us, with a minimum UPF of 50. Golf togs run to three styles of skorts and polo, mock-zip and crop-top long-sleeve shirts; guys get the long-sleeve polos. Flat seams provide for that extra touch of quality and comfort.
NEW KID IN TOWN: Golf fashion has a new player with the PGA Fashion & Demo Experience launch of Swingdish signature women's golf apparel. The design guru behind the line of shorts, skorts, shirts and outerwear is Tricia Covel, who some might know as Toby Keith’s wife. Swingdish is "fun, functional, feminine fashion" as golf-apt athletic attire.