What is the best part about golf in the fall?

By Joe Boozell
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What is the best part about golf in the fall?

Fall is upon us, and though summer is peak golf season, there’s just something special about playing at this time of year.

With fall officially beginning on Sept. 22, we asked our loyal Facebook fans: what’s your favorite part about golf in the fall?

Here were some of the best answers.

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“Courses more lush, easier walking when not hot and humid, less crowded, in Northeast pretty leaves (except the ones hiding my ball in the fairway).” – Arthur Lane

“Cooler mornings and the colors.” – Mark Parrish

“The back drop of every shot...and of course the cooler weather!” – Bob Shaw

“Less crowded. Faster play. Beautiful scenery.” – David Koehl

“Clean air and cool temperature.” – Roger White

“The smell.” – Doug Zahn

“The sunsets.” – Donna Howarth-Beare

“Not having to fight the gnats.” – Danny Bloodworth

“Wearing a woolly hat!” – Nicky McClure

“It gets cooler in my neck of the woods. Yahoo!” – Joe Buccino

There’s nothing quite like teeing it up with 60 degree temperatures, light wind, gorgeous colors and scenery and leaves surrounding the course. Summer has come and gone, but there’s still plenty of time to hit the links.