What golfers can't live without in their bag

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What golfers can't live without in their bag

The golf bag is more than just a home for our clubs. It’s our home away from home for the 4+ hours we’re out on the course.

We must be prepared for everything we might encounter, from weather conditions to equipment to the luxuries of home we want out there with us to make the round more enjoyable.

If you’re looking to trim down how much junk, I mean necessary things, you have in your bag, we have a few tips on that, too. But we wanted to know from you, our faithful 395,000+ Facebook followers, what you make sure you keep in the bag for your rounds.

Here are some of the popular and humorous answers you gave us:

Ralph Schiefer: Some Golf clubs, I guess that would be helpful!
This might seem obvious, but we’re guessing by one comment left on our page where it looks like someone is getting called out by their buddy, bringing the bag without the clubs has happened before. We’d love to hear this story if it’s happened to you.

Ryan Tout: Painkillers and jellybeans
This is an interesting combo. Painkillers to make the back, knees, elbows, head, etc. feel better and jellybeans to make the soul feel better? Maybe you’re onto something here.

Ryan Black: surprised bandages did not make the list
Good call! You don’t realize how important bandages are until you have a blister on your hand or on your heel. Also, if you happen to rip a hole in your glove, a band aid can come in super handy.

Les Johansen: A stress ball! A very long stick with appendage so I can retrieve the club I tossed into the water. Spare putter in case I cant retrieve putter! A large paper bag so that I can swear or curse into it so as not to give juniors a bad impression :)

Les, we commend your preparedness and commitment to keeping the course a cleaner place. A swear jar would leave many of us broke, so this seems like a much more economical solution.

Shane McInnerny: A lot of broken tees a 100 pounds of change an a stack of receipts but there definitely not a must lol

Sounds like you could use our tips on the golf bag vitals to help clean out your bag, Shane. However, it is super fun to clean out your bag at the end of the season and find a treasure chest of change.

Rich Johnson: Bluetooth speaker for gangster rap music and can koozie to keep my beer cold and hands dry. Carrying on of alcoholic beverages is illegal in most cases.

I also am a big fan of the bluetooth speaker. I know it’s not for everyone (please keep the volume reasonable to respect those who don’t enjoy it), but occasionally it’s great to enjoy a laid-back round of the scenario Rich lays out here. Even add a nice cigar that many of you said you keep with you in the bag. 

Nate Winans: Wood tees, not plastic. University of Michigan ball markers and divot tool. Usually 2 bottles of water, and some kind of granola bar, Nature Valley bar

Couple great things here, one of which I hold a particularly strong bias toward. Make sure you have plenty of tees. I go with the composite style, but it’s never fun having to dig through your bag to find the one tee at the bottom you have to use for the next 8 holes. Always have a divot tool, because you hate it when you have to fix other golfer’s divots. Stay hydrated. Snacks are fantastic, especially on the back nine. And in my slightly biased nature, I’m with Nate. I always keep several Michigan ball markers in my bag. The more maize and blue, the better. Go Blue!

Brian Albanese: Beer koozie

This is a must-have if you enjoy a few brews on the course. We know this will draw a laugh from some, but just a reminder that bringing your own alcohol on the course is illegal. However, keeping the ice cold brew you purchase at the course ice cold is not only legal, it’s heavily encouraged. I keep multiple in my bag, just in case a friend finds themselves unprepared. Also, it will help you clear out your cabinet of the dozens you've collected over the years that have likely sat there since you collected them.

Scott Flagler: A chainsaw, a lawnmower, a log splitter, a blender, some fish hooks, and a babe ruth rookie card.
You, sir, have an impressive golf bag. And we hope you’ll let us borrow some of your tools when we inevitably slice one into the woods and want a clear shot at the green.