A Quick Nine: What, in golf, are you most thankful for?

By T.J. Auclair
Published on

Hopefully everyone out there in Facebook Nation will be spending quality time with loved ones on Thanksgiving Day. There's so much in life to be thankful for. And, in this business, there's a lot to be thankful for because of the game of golf.

We asked our Facebook friends to tell us: What, in golf, are you most thankful for?

Here's a look at some of the best answers we received from the hundreds that were submitted.

9. It's the little things... Stuff like having no one to witness one of your brutal rounds. Or -- while we don't necessarily condone it -- the ability to let your golf ball know about your displeasure with it in the form of colorful language.

Facebook fan quotes:

"That there weren't any others to see my last round of golf. +46." -- Jonathan H. Allen

"Profanity." -- William Bettas

8. Mulligans. While in Scotland a "mulligan," is instead called, "hitting three," here in the U.S. you've got some pretty good friends if after your opening tee shot you hear, "breakfast ball," or, "mulligan."

Facebook fan quote:

"Mulligans!" -- Koty Hall

7. The inspiration you draw from it. After all, golf isn't all about your own game. Watching others -- no matter their ability -- reach a goal is special.

Facebook fan quote:

"Don't play, just a lover of the game... I believe it's the game of life and I draw great inspiration from it." -- Jen Hamilton

6. The feel of a perfectly struck shot. If you're like us, you know that this does not happen often. But, when it does, embrace it. It feels great!

Facebook fan quote:

"When you stand behind the ball in the fairway, see the shot in your head, and then step up and strike the ball as if you didn't even make contact and watch the actual shot match the one you imagined!" -- Mark Johnson

5. It's a game for a lifetime. No matter how old or how young you are, golf is for everyone. It doesn't matter the age gap between the members of your foursome. In this game, there's something all of you can relate to.

Facebook fan quote:

"The joy it brings me and the joy I get passing it to my kids." -- Daniel Green

4. A life in golf. Have you made a career centered on the game? If so, is there anything better than going to work doing something you love?

Facebook fan quotes:

"My life in golf. It's been my career. Most of my friends are from golf, and I met my wife while working at a golf resort!" -- Brian Wetzel

"To be able to make this wonderful game my career." -- Kevin Hamluk

"The passion I have to teach others this great game." -- Steve A Koston

"My class A PGA membership and being able to make a career out of golf!" -- Marc A Pylkki

3. Your PGA Instructor. These incredible men and women dedicate themselves to making you play your best. It requires a lot of patience and a tremendous amount of dedication.

Facebook fan quotes:

"My PGA certified golf instructor." -- Thomas Vasquez

"All the advances in equipment in recent years and my current clubs. I am also thankful for Carl my local pro who is always ready to help me improve without it costing me a fortune!" -- Jesse Northcutt

"My golf coach and his patience. I am newer to the game and I appreciate seeing improvement with each lesson. Without him I would likely spin my wheels in frustration and quit the game altogether!" -- Lynette Gascoigne

"As far as my golf life, I am most thankful for CPGA Teaching Pro, Dan King who brought my game to a new level." -- Harold Colpitts

"Taking lessons from a PGA professional, and being healthy and able to enjoy this game we all love, and for living in the Myrtle Beach, S.C. area and enjoy over 150 courses in the area." -- John Davis

"Growing up having a great Assistant Pro who let me take a cart, each weekday all summer, so I could get in 18 holes in 90 minutes, all before having to be at work at 8:30 a.m. Thanks Mike!" -- Matt Cameron

2. It's a great escape. The peaceful surroundings. Focusing on just your next shot. A round of golf can be therapeutic in pushing aside all the other stuff you have going on for just a few hours.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Having an escape from everything. Turning the phone off and just enjoying the game." -- Nick Mossige

"The freedom to play." -- Thomas W Thompson

"That I can." -- Pat Maxim

"Just to get on the links where nothing else matters for the first nine to the last nine." -- Ivan Severight

"Four hours of peace and quiet when I can turn off the phone and tune out the outside world. Fall golf in Wisconsin. Whistling Straits, we'll see you Wednesday morning." -- Jake Case

1. It's invaluable time spent building relationships. Much like the majority of you in Facebook Nation, we too are most thankful for the time we can spend with family and friends thanks to golf.

Facebook fan quotes:

"That my daughters (9 and 7) join me on the course." -- Greg Bair

"Friends to golf with." -- Eric Michael

"I am thankful my fiancé took up the sport to join me on the links. Also thankful for the relaxation a nice round provides. Can't argue with a bogey-free round either!" -- Brendan S. Heckler

"New friends I've made for a lifetime." -- Ryan McClintock

"The three other guys in my foursome. Great friends, great fun." -- Darrel Holland

"Spending time with my boys. Quality time with them is priceless as I get older. I played 18 yesterday with my oldest and my baby. It was his 18th birthday! My dream now is to play with my grandson soon. He's two in February and I'll be 54." -- Bob Anderson

"My golfing buddies that usually make me look like a better golfer than what I am." -- Damon Butler

"I am most thankful for Stephanie Jennings, PGA member and my wife. The game of golf brought us together 10 years ago." -- Brian Jennings

"My neighbor Fred who asked a 13 year old kid who knew nothing about golf (me) to caddy for him. Once a week for 2 years I carried his clubs without ever hitting a ball. After 2 years he felt I knew enough etiquette to give me an old set of irons and a lesson. It was a gift of a lifetime." -- Tom Lanahan

"That my boys' father who passed away in 2010 taught them how to play at a very young age and their love for the game. Our family spent lots of good times on the golf course and now we have those special memories. It was his love of golf that also taught me to love it so much." -- Stephanie McKee