A Quick Nine: What made you fall in love with golf?

By T.J. Auclair, Interactive Producer
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A Quick Nine: What made you fall in love with golf?

Valentine's Day fell on Tuesday, but there's still some love in the air.

For many of us, golf was love at first sight. For others, it may have taken some time.

Regardless, we asked our Facebook friends to share with us what it was that started their love affair with this awesome, maddening and incredible game that we all love.

So, what made you fall in love with golf?

We received loads of great feedback and it was extremely difficult for us to narrow the list.

Here goes nothing:

9. The focus it requires. If you're going to play well, you really do need to forget about everything else, right?

Facebook fan quote:

"I love the focus it takes to play the game well... everything leaves my head for 4 1/2 hours when I am trying to put that little white ball in that very little hole." -- Robert Soldwish

8. The sights, smells and sounds. The smell of the freshly cut grass, the sound of a crisply struck iron shot... Ahhh...

Facebook fan quote:

"It was the smell of a new leather glove and the sound metal spikes made on the concrete. Crazy but true." -- Ronnie Castillo

"The views and the sounds of golf: the birds and the wind." -- Don Arrington

7. Pulling off a shot. Even those of us who are lousy at the game -- this writer included -- occasionally impress ourselves by hitting the shot we imagined.

Facebook fan quotes:

"I was 7 years old at junior camp and told to aim at the mower that was, 'out of range,' and I nailed it. Been in love ever since." -- Jason Walke

"The possibility of the perfect shot." -- Mike Joiner

"That moment just shortly after you have crushed it and you look up to see your ball headed right at that flag. Your eyes widen, your heart beats a little faster, you get that butterflies feeling in your stomach, and for a dash of a moment, you actually think it may go in. Between the point that you made contact and the point the ball lands, all your problems and all your worries disappear. Total suspension. That's the same exact feeling that one has when they are thinking about the person with whom one is in love." -- José Coqui Donis

"The thrill of hitting a good shot. Always hitting poor shots all the time was always frustrating, but those four or so shots a round that were perfect just kept me hooked." -- Matt Enright

6. Always enjoyed watching, but finally played. Enough said, right?

Facebook fan quotes:

"I am not really sure; I admired it from afar when I was young. In elementary school I did a small biographical type book report for Tiger Woods and dressed like him. I did not actually play a round until I was 22 years old and I could not get enough of it. I never lose my temper even when I falter. As soon as I hit that first flush iron, that long putt, my first chip in birdie I was struck for LIFE!" -- Rafael Moto Soto

5. It's a sport for life. Unlike most other sports, you're never too old to play golf.

Facebook fan quotes:

"I played softball until I was over 30, and then took up golf. Immediately I was hooked, I could hit a moving ball anywhere I wanted to on a softball field and yet a perfectly still golf ball was challenging me, my patience, and my competitiveness. I love the game and wish I would have played it as a kid!" -- Andrea Forsythe Dunn

"I thought I was done participating in sports. Played basketball most of my life. A friend convinced me to start playing golf and I fell in love day one. I love the game, the camaraderie and the honor. I love how friendly golfers are to each other. It's a wonderful game." -- Adolphus Drain

"I realized that getting hit with lacrosse balls for 20 years wasn't fun anymore, thus took up golf! Loved it ever since." -- Benjamin Yingling

"I'm good at every sport I've ever played, this is the most difficult sport, makes me want to get better." -- A.j. Heafey

"The ability to compete after I was through playing baseball." -- Michael Maddalena

4. It's peaceful. A beautiful setting with the sounds of nature -- it's a lot better than an office building with the sounds of ringing phones, right?

Facebook fan quote:

"I fell in love with golf, and remain in love, because there is no other place or thing you can do that comes close to the peacefulness of being outside, free of the noise of traffic, people talking, taking phone calls, etc. It's nothing but quality time with quality human beings in (most times) the awesome outdoors and nothing but beautiful green, lush landscape and the sounds of nature. WITHOUT noise pollution, no matter what anyone scores, there's no such thing as a bad day when you're golfing." -- Christopher Brown

3. A particular player. Just like any sport, we all have our heroes that draw us to the game.

Facebook fan quote:

"I fell in love with golf because of Tiger Woods. The first time I saw him on TV, I was young then, there was just something about him. I found myself wanting to know about him and golf all the time. With years I'm getting worse. I just love golf because of him." -- Mampati Sojenqa

"Watching Seve Ballesteros many years ago at Royal Dublin and Portmarnock in the Irish Open... magic golf." -- Dermot Whiston

"Faldo, Woosnam, Langer, Olazabal, Norman, Torrance, Lyle and of course the late, great Seve Ballesteros!!! A golden age for golf!" -- Pablo Dillon

"Larry Mize's chip on 11, 1987 Masters!" -- Casey Powell

"Greg Norman... hands down." -- Brad Tozer

2. Attending a tournament. When you see the talent on display at a tournament, you'll certainly walk away intrigued.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Going to The Masters every year since I was 2." -- Jason Newsome

"When I went to my first PGA tournament at the Memorial in Dublin, Ohio." -- Susan Kelleher

"When my late husband took our then 3-year-old to the Shell Houston Open. I watched them in awe. They were in love with the game. I saw their eyes light up when Phil and Lee came by. I understood the way they felt bow That's when I fell in love with golf." -- Paula Munoz Guzman

"Growing up in Carmel and walking on the Pebble Beach Golf Course! Though I haven't played it yet! The place is majestic! It's a special thing when you can walk in the footsteps of so many legends! I was blessed to be there at the U.S. Open on 18 as Tom Watson walked up to the green with tears in his eyes... And that brought tears to my eyes... I knew I was in love with game." -- Wes Westcott

1. It reminds you of special times spent with your family. Whether it was a grandparent, a parent, many of us have that loved one to thank for our love of the game.

Facebook fan quotes:

"My Grandfather, he took me golfing when I was 8 at a course on cape cod. There was a hole with a pond just in front of the tee that required a 130 yard carry to get over and he couldn't quite make it so he always teed off with a floating golf ball. He'd hit it just short of the other side then retrieve it with his scooper then drop a regular ball and take a shot penalty. I just loved how he refused to donate a ball to that pond and I have never forgotten it and have gotten many good laughs over that story." -- Eric Bronsveld

"Three to five hours of uninterrupted time with my father and grandmother. I use it now as I bring my own children to the golf course with me." -- Jim Bennett

"When I was 8 years old in 1967, my mother and father divorced. My mom got a job as the General Manager at Fox Hollow Golf Course. She would pick me up from school, bring me to the course and have me hit golf balls, clean the carts, etc while she worked. As we all know, your Mom is the true Valentine of every son! So she got me hooked into golf and mainly it was a way for my Mom and me to stay close with each other." -- Stephen Patten

"My Father taught me and we played together for many years until his passing. Some of my best memories of Dad were when we played, 'cow pasture pool,' as he called it. Miss you, Irvin Mitchell." -- Doug Mitchell

"Growing up golfing with my dad and playing with all his golfing buddies every time I came home on leave when I was active duty. Made my first visit to Pebble Beach this past weekend and would have loved to have shared the experience with my dad. I use a ball marker with his name on it... doesn't help my putting cause I realized my dad couldn't putt either." -- Tom Schipper

"My Dad introduced me to the game when I was 5, it was, 'Our Thing.' Because of his heart condition, it was one of the only sports he could play. He's gone now... But I flash back to our time on the course every time I tee it up." -- Brent Fawcett

"A couple things. It's fun. The rush of making a good shot and either getting it super close or getting it in. Plus, and most importantly, the time I get to spend with my dad while we play." -- Patrick Jason Mullins

"My dad was a teacher and we all spent the entire summer playing golf. I'll never forget those times." -- Robert Leonard

"My father got me started when I was really young, and loved the game ever since. Thanks dad!" -- Nate Rasmusson 

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