A Quick Nine: What type of golf shoes would you recommend?

By T.J. Auclair, Interactive Producer
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One of the most important pieces of equipment you need for your golf game isn't even in your bag.

They're on your feet. We're talking golf shoes.

There are so many different ones to choose from these days -- different styles, different colors and, no doubt, different levels of comfort.

If you're gearing up for a new golf season, looking into a new pair of shoes is a great place to start. With that, we asked our friends in Facebook Nation to tell us: What type of golf shoes would you recommend?

Here's a look at the best answers we received.

Also, feel free to click on the brand name of the shoes to learn more.

9. Walter Genuin. Here's how they're described: "Walter Genuin Golf Shoes are handcrafted in Italy, combining the highest standards of quality, comfort and craftsmanship with fresh and vibrant styling concepts. Walter Genuin golf shoes have an unrivaled reputation on the world's golf courses. Their golf shoes are typified by the combination of classic designs paired with fresh color concepts, exquisite materials and beautiful execution. A pair of Walter Genuin Golf Shoes is a lasting investment in quality, character and distinction."

Facebook fan quote:

"I only wear Walter Genuin's. They are the most comfortable shoes in my closet and the most stylish golf shoe around. You could get away with wearing them off the course, too!" -- Dawn Berdine Mihlfeld

8. Dexter. We couldn't find them anywhere online (not sure they're making golf shoes anymore), but I myself remember having my own pair of saddleback Dexter shoes.

Facebook fan quote:

"Vintage Dexters with steel spikes and leather soles. Preferably Burgundy." -- Tony Saldana

7. Oakley. That's right, folks -- Oakley doesn't just make sunglasses. Masters champion Bubba Watson is outfitted in Oakley gear this year.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Oakley Ciphers are amazing." -- Rob Bankoski

6. Puma. With the emergence of Rickie Fowler, Puma's golf footwear has evolved in a big way. Any bright, bold color you can think of? Chances are Puma has it.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Puma cell fusion. Stability of upper end FJ's and as comfortable as the casual running shoe type of spikes." -- Ryan Grymes

"Give Puma a try, love 'em!" -- Steve Nolawski

"Puma cell fusions." -- Ryan Tracy

"Puma comfortable and stylish." -- Paul Cleveland

5. Ecco. Let's face it, anything Fred Couples wears is cool. Remember a few years ago when everyone was asking, "Are those tennis shoes Freddie is wearing to play golf?" They were actually golf shoes. Ecco pretty much redefined style when it came to golf shoes with a more "athletic" looking shoe.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Ecco. Worth the money. I've had a pair for 5 years and they still look great and feel comfy." -- Kathi Cambre Kelly

"Ecco brand... Unreal! Pricey but your feet are worth it!" -- Rob Mason

"Ecco boat shoes like Fred Couples got to wear them without socks." -- Eric Torres

"Hands down Ecco." -- Scott Suiter

4. True linkswear. Have you heard of these yet? You probably have by now. Simply put, they're amazing. Wearing a pair of Trues is like walking barefoot on the golf course. That -- we think -- can only help your game because you can feel the terrain before you hit your shot. True linkswear offers different styles and an assortment of colors. They're the preferred choice of Tour winner Ryan Moore.

Facebook fan quotes:

"True Linkswear." -- Jeff Schreer

"Can't believe no one had said True Linkswear. The Zero Drop technology along with the TRUE platform give great comfort with amazing feel and grip. " -- Guye Yturralde

"True linkswear destroy every shoe out there, best feel hands down." -- Jason Stone

"True Linkswear are the best shoes. The barefoot design of these shoes enable you to feel better connected to the surface while providing ultimate balance and control for your swing." -- Jess Bondoc

"Trues forever. Barefoot technology and cool looks. Beats them all." -- Thomas Kjær

"True tours have kept me happy for three years now!" -- Matt Cooke

"True Linkswear, hands down. I've got 15 pairs of Adidas, Nike and FootJoy gathering dust after I bought my first pair of Trues a couple years ago!" -- Eric Kuhn

"I recommend TRUE LINKS -- they are the most comfortable golf shoes I have ever worn and come for ladies and men. And the great part is because they are spikeless you can wear them to and from the course which saves time and energy!" -- Linda McCormack

"True linkswear -- so long as I wear slacks. They're low to the ground, they have a wide toe box and the traction bars keep me stable. With shorts, in the middle of California's hot summers, I like Adidas's sneaker looks. I'm a walker." -- Humberto García

3. Adidas. They're making a lot of noise this season with the new Adizero, which they say is, "so light, it's like wearing nothing at all."

Facebook fan quotes:

"Adidas adizero." -- Ben Roszko

"Adidas!" -- Victor Kirstein

"adidas Puremotion or TRUE linkswear. Anything that is low to the ground, with a wide toe box, flexible and minimally structured. For too long golfers have had their feet entombed in the shoe equivalent of an armored personnel carrier." -- Ken Van Vechten

"Just picked up the Adizeros. Best shoes I've used. Light weight, breathable, and ultra comfortable." -- TJ Norred

"Adidas powerband 3.0 comfy and springy. Got them in white and have had for 2 years." -- Liam Callaghan

"Adidas adizero Tour." -- René Madsen

"Adidas Powerband 3.0, had them for a while and after walking 18, no matter how much I have to zig zag from tree line to tree line, they never leave my feet hurting. Wide base and great support all around." -- Ryan Duncan

"Adidas is the only performance shoe that doesn't need any break in time, fits right out of the box to the first tee!" -- Jake Potter

"I have tried them all. Adidas makes the most comfortable, and the most stylish of them all. Interested in trying out the new line of FJ though. Those look nice." -- Nicholas Kenis

"I have 6 pair of various kinds of Adidas golf shoes and love them all." -- Jeff Omspaugh

2. Nike. It's what the world's No. 1 AND No. 2 players wear. Like the others, Nike has a variety of styles -- some that look just like training shoes. Everyone, it seems, loves the Swoosh.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Nike Control." -- Jason Mullin

"Nike TW13, they meet all the standard requirements of a great golf shoe. Great support, great comfort, water proof and the kicker they look stylish." -- Rob Clark

"Nike Air Embellish. Four different looks in one shoe and extremely comfortable." -- Donna Davis Burnett

"Nike -- very comfortable brand." -- Frank Pinto Jr

"Nike." -- Ric Hamlin

"New Nikes." -- Sean Eaglefeather Cook

"Nike Air Range 2." -- Thomas Phillips

"Tiger Edition Nike greatest golf shoe ever made." -- Brad Knudson

"Nike Lunar Control 2. I've used the 1's for ages now and they're still going strong, still VERY comfortable and still look good." -- David Williams

1. FootJoy. Their slogan is, "The No. 1 shoe in golf," and it's certainly been the preferred choice of top pros for years. It seemed, forever, as though FootJoy had no competition in the golf shoe market. It dominated. The times have changed and golf shoe technology has evolved. There's certainly more competition than ever when it comes to what graces the feet of the world's best, but FootJoy continues to be among the best. And, as far as Facebook Nation is concerned, FootJoy is in fact, "The No. 1 shoe in golf."

Facebook fan quotes:

"FootJoy." -- Steve DeLapp

"The FJ Sport are amazing shoes." -- Ryan Edsall

"FootJoy...They feel like walking on a cloud in Heaven. They're more comfortable than my sneakers." -- Dan Routhier

"FootJoy, they bring joy to my feet." -- Andrew Smith

"FootJoy Classics were the best. They provided a lot of support and they molded to your feet after time." -- Chris Young

"FootJoy Icon." -- Scott Burton

"FJ Icons. Classic look, good support, quality." -- Jace Magavern

"I've always liked the higher end Footjoy collection." -- Simone Jimenez

"I love my FJ XPS-1 shoes I feel very grounded and stable through out my swing and they are very comfortable!" -- Joshua Schreckengost

"FootJoy DryJoy." -- Ryan Turcotte

"I play FootJoy as they provide the best base for my golf swing. I have used most other brands but prefer FootJoy DryJoys." -- Herbert Gould

"Anything FootJoy. Such great shoes -- so comfortable, and you never have to take time to 'break them in.' They do not give me any blisters, and the great variety in styles keeps me coming back!" -- Erika Ashley 

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