A Quick Nine: What type of putter do you use?

By T.J. Auclair, Interactive Producer
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As the old saying goes, "you drive for show and you putt for dough."

Loads of new equipment will be introduced to the public at next week's PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. While all the shiny, new stuff is wonderful to look at, we all know the most important stick in your bag is the short one (or, the long one for those of you with bad backs).

With that, for this week's, 'A Quick Nine,' feature, we asked our Facebook fans: What type of putter do you use?

Usually, we post our featured question a couple of times to yield a variety of responses. This time, I guess you could say we, "one-putted." Yep. Asked the question just once and, thanks to you, received nearly 300 responses.

So, let's see what particular putter is saving our readers the most strokes:

1. Taylor-Made. This particular company has made a big push in recent years with the flat-stick.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Taylor-Made Nubbins!!! B7 model." -- Mario Tamburino

"Taylor-Made Monza Spider." -- Jd Dickinson

"Taylor-Made Rossi Corza mallet. Older but love it." -- Pasquale A. Ricciardone

"Taylor-Made Rossa Daytona Ghost." -- Richedrian Johnson

"Taylor-Made Rossa Daytona Ghost." -- Seth Trolia

"Rossa Monte Carlo... awesome!" -- Jonathan Smith

"New late season purchase 2010 TM Rossi Monza chest length... love it." -- Mike Raunig

2. PING. Pretty much old reliable. Even though they haven't, it just feels as though PING putters have been around since the beginning of time.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Ping Zing RedWood series." -- Clint Hutchens

"Ping Anser." -- Seth Ray

"Ping Zing." -- Donna Fried

"Ping Craz-e Karsten." -- Sergio Alvarez

"Ping A-Blade (Very old one, from the 1960s)." -- Benjamin D. Wolfe

"Ping Zing, 10+ years old." -- Marc Conter

"Ping Zing. Nice classic style putter that I have used for almost 20 years." -- Chris Taylor

"Ping '69'... not sure how many are out there but I have been putting with it for 16 years." -- Bradley Small

"Ping Faith (mallet head)." -- James Conlan

3. Titleist. Scotty Cameron, to be specific. He's arguably the most famous putter maker in the world.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Studio Select Scotty Cameron Newport 2." -- Andrew Purcell

"Scotty Cameron Studio Style Newport 2... It's only right that I have a putter with my name on it." -- Cameron Grant

"Scotty Cameron Putter! Gotta love the way the ball rolls after hit." -- Peter Gregory Owens

"Custom Scotty Del-Mar." -- Preston Heidt

"Scotty Cameron Bulls-Eye blade." -- Kevin Murphy

"Scotty Cameron... Fastback #1." -- Brian Alas

"Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5." -- Ryan Caesar

"Scotty Cameron Button Back Newport." -- Tony Montovano

"Scotty Cameron Studio Stainless." -- Wayne Davis

"Cameron Newport -- as it is simply the best for rolling the pill." -- Shaun Bezilla

4. Mizuno. Perhaps a surprise appearance on the list?

Facebook fan quote:

"Mizuno insert putter H 705 Prospec." -- Andy Murray

5. Nike. The newest line of Nike putters are really making a splash on the PGA Tour.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Nike Ignite Mid Mallet #3." -- Tomáš Hofman

"Nike Method 001." -- Garrick Malone

"Nike Method 1 and 3." -- Clifford Whittington

"Nike Method 002." -- Justin Darnell

"Nike OZ." -- Jared Wolflin

"Nike Method 004." -- Allen Sparvier

"Nike Ignite." -- Kevin Kirsh

6. Odyssey. With its innovative designs, it seems Odyssey always has something new and interesting to offer.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Odyssey White Hot #1." -- Nathan Hoffman

"Odyssey Black #2." -- Jon Stadler

"Odyssey Marxman." -- Loni Birdsbill

"Odyssey White Hot Tour #2 CS." -- Troy Katterheinrich

"Odyssey White Hot #1." -- Joseph Cerulli

"Odyssey 2 Ball SRT." -- Alex Smith

"Odyssey White Hot Tour Rossie." -- Mark Boyd

"Odyssey White Hot #4 Putter 34" 6 years running." -- Tony Lutz

"Odyssey White Ice Sabertooth. I like it a lot, but the new Backstryke D.A.R.T. looks tempting." -- Ryan Niepagen

7. SeeMore. Zach Johnson used this type of putter when he won the Masters and, as you can see below, 2008 PGA of America, "First Lady of Golf," award winner Carol Mann uses it too!

Facebook fan quotes:

"SeeMore so I can see more putts go in!!!!!" -- Carol Mann

"Custom-made SeeMore mFGP." -- Igor Zagórowski

8. Cleveland. Known primarily for its wedges, Cleveland is also producing some nice putters.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Heel-shafted Cleveland. Ben Crenshaw signature model." -- Scott Flowers

"Cleveland VP." -- Karen Short Kee

"Cleveland Classic." -- Brent Wade

"Cleveland Classic #2." -- Kyle Ehret

9. Bobby Grace. Now there's a putter name I haven't heard in a while!

Facebook fan quotes:

"Bobby Grace MacGregor!" -- Luke Kilcup

"Bobby Grace 2300 blade." -- Bryan J Gill

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