What would you do with the wood from Ike's Tree? | A Quick Nine

By T.J. Auclair, Interactive Producer
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Unfortunate news came out of Augusta, Ga., this past weekend when Masters Chairman Billy Payne announced that the iconic Eisenhower Tree, which guarded Augusta National's 17th hole, needed to be removed after the damage it incurred from an ice storm.

The loblolly pine stood 65 feet high and, according to an Augusta Chronicle report, was believed to be 100-125 years old. It sat 210 yards from the 17th tee on the left side of the par 4.

"The loss of the Eisenhower Tree is difficult news to accept," Payne said in a prepared statement published in the Augusta Chronicle. "We obtained opinions from the best arborists available and, unfortunately, were advised that no recovery was possible."

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The Eisenhower Tree, or "Ike's Tree," was named after former President Dwight Eisenhower -- an Augusta National member who often hit the tree with his tee shot on the 17th hole and even argued that the tree should be removed.

Clifford Roberts, one of the club's co-founders, wouldn't allow that to happen and the tree forever became known as, "The Eisenhower Tree," or "Ike's Tree."

Twitter was abuzz after the news. Many people were devastated by the loss of such a well-known Masters landmark, while others simply said, "Get over it. It's just a tree."

For fans of the Masters, it's simply not, "just a tree."

That got us wondering -- what would you do with the wood from Ike's Tree?

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In 2007, the Masters made incredible plaques out of the wood from a tree that was removed on the second hole to present a Masters Major Achievement Award to select veteran journalists.

Will something similar be done with Ike's Tree? We pitched the question to the nearly 218,000 strong in Facebook Nation (click here to join the masses!). Here are nine of the best answers we received:

9. Use the wood from Ike's Tree to create tee markers to go around the golf course. -- David Alexander

8. Produce commemorative tees that could be bagged and sold for a premium, with Augusta National donating the revenue to the First Tee program. -- Joel Hahn

7. Make a Masters scoreboard out of the tree. -- Paul Fink

6. Use the wood to make a fireplace mantel in the Augusta National clubhouse. -- Patrick Poirier

5. Build a permanent sign explaining the history of Ike's Tree to place near the 17th tee box, or at the spot where the tree lived. -- Ken Wernli

4. Create a bench complete with a model of the hole. -- Nigel Chancellor

3. Use the wood to create a statue of Dwight Eisenhower. -- David Alexander

2. Make rocking chairs out of the wood to give all living Masters Champions and also one for the World Golf Hall of Fame. -- Mark Jancze

1. Create a carving of the Masters logo and have all living past an present players sign it. Have a ring of the tree enshrined to show how many years old the tree is and showcase it at Augusta National or the World Golf Hall of Fame with an artist's rendition of the tree as it were when alive. That way generations of players and patrons and fans can appreciate the history and significance of the iconic landmark. -- Brent Soby

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