What are your golf superstitions?

By T.J. Auclair
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What are your golf superstitions?

Jack Nicklaus always kept coins in his pocket. Chi-Chi Rodriguez used coins for ball markers. Tiger Woods wore red on Sundays. Rickie Fowler wears orange on Sundays.

Those are just some of superstitions in golf, but there are countless others.

I once caddied for a player who would only use coins from the 1960s to mark his golf ball... hoping it would be a good omen for a score in the 60s.

There are people who waggle -- sometimes annoyingly so -- a certain number of times before pulling the trigger for the shot.

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We reached out to our friends in Facebook Nation and asked: What are your golf superstitions?

Here's a collection of the best answers:

"Gotta chew gum. Spearmint opens the lungs and helps clear the head. At least 3-4 strokes off right there." -- Marty Lester

"Ball marker and divot repair tool in left pocket, tees in right, small towel in back right pocket if available, otherwise in waistband." -- Lizzy Uthoff

"Ball marker in left pocket. Divot tool and only 1 tee in right pocket. Glove comes off after every shot and put into left back pocket. Always." -- Andrew Olson

"Put a new ProV1 into play on a water hole, say goodbye to the ball." -- Richard Geist

"Absolutely zero superstitions. Make the game less stressful." -- Marc Duncan

"Have to wear blue, my favourite color." -- Mark Davidson

"Clubs in the same order in the bag every time." -- Johnny Smith

"Can't use ball washers, only wet towel." -- Malcolm Barry Johnson Jr

"No black clothing. Every time for some reason I wear black I struggle. Mind war I can't win." -- Bryan Beeson

"Always a Titleist 1 in competition. No other numbers allowed." -- Steve Neale

"Nothing in the pockets." -- Sean McKinney

"When I play in a tournament I always carry one of my mom’s cloth handkerchiefs in my pocket for luck." -- Cynthia Ann

"No talking about current score till the round is done. I know if I’m playing good or bad don’t need to know the score till the end." -- Chris Olguin

"Do Samurai moves with driver as a warmup. Preround hacky sack, sprinting, and ninja moves. Controlling the club is much easier when ninjafied." -- Brandon Ryan

"I don’t walk across the front of the tee box before I tee off. I mark my ball with a JFK half dollar and he is always looking at the hole." -- Christine Ridenour Lindsey

"7 tees in my pocket to start the front 9, then make sure I have 7 in my pocket before I start on 10." -- Brian Whaley

"Always walk up the left side of the fairways and greens." -- Jayson Hayden Ferriss